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For individuals looking towards sales as a career goal, there are several career options available. Each of these options will allow someone to begin with little to no experience and work their way up the corporate ladder within the sales field of their choice.

Customer Service Sales

There is a misconception that customer service sales representatives only handle incoming calls for orders and questions regarding an order. In truth, a customer service sales representative handles a variety of tasks including incoming calls order placement, billing, questions regarding an order or item, cancellation of service or starting new service. During these calls the sales representative has the chance to sell items, up sell of related items such as extended warranties and to earn bonuses associated with retaining customers who initially called to cancel services. This type of work can be done in a brick and mortar office as well as from home.

Lead Generation

A lead generator works with businesses on a business-to-business level to provide leads for their companies. An example of a lead generation sales job would be someone making outbound phone calls to determine if the potential client is genuine and worth the time and effort. When the questions are asked and this is determined, the lead will be placed into a vessel data feed and forwarded to the client. The client will then take that lead and create a sales option out of that lead.

Lead closers

This is an interesting type of sales job in that it deals with the end result of other sales jobs and the people who worked on. A lead closer will take a sale or lead generated through customer service representative phone calls and lead generators to create a completed sale. For example, a lead closer will take the contact information for leads and contact them regarding the product or service that they have expressed interest in. The lead closer will then use sales techniques and discussion tactics to close the sale and possibly create an upsale to occur. Sales closers and lead closers can make upwards of $60,000 a year on sales revenue.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing sales representatives market someone else's product. For example if someone has an e-book regarding different sales techniques then the e-book can be marketed to different customers online and through e-mail, web searching and affiliate marketing techniques. This is where the affiliate marketing sales representative comes in. The affiliate marketing the affiliate marketing sales representative and affiliate marketing sales specialist will take a person's product and market for them in order to receive a commission on the product sale. These marketing techniques used by affiliate marketing sales representatives are an added bonus and free marketing objective used by many sales professionals. An affiliate marketer can actually expect to make between 40,000 and $50,000 a year marketing other people's products. When an affiliate sale goes through the owner of the product will receive a certain percentage, usually between 70 and 80%, of the sale while the affiliate marketer will receive the rest of the sale and commissions. Commissions are paid out by check or through a third party payment processor such as PayPal. One of the biggest names in affiliate marketing jobs or getting is Commission Junction. Commission Junction helps affiliate sales representatives find products to market and help them connect to the product in order to begin marketing and making commission sales off of each sale. This is one of the most popular at-home sales positions available regardless of the type of sales job you decide is best for you each job has its rewards, benefit, advantages and disadvantages that can help you turn a sales job into a sales career.

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