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How to Get a Job After Retirement Age

Just because you have retired, doesn’t mean you can’t go to work. Even if you haven’t officially retired, being an older adult does make it more difficult to get a job. Not just because of having possibly too much work experience, but some hiring managers might think you are limited in your willingness to learn new things and keep up with modern business practices. Prove this isn’t the case by following these tips.

Financial Issues to Consider

The first thing you should do when looking for a job is consider your own financial situation. Especially if you have already retired, take a little bit to figure out if it is financially necessary or not. You may have limited health insurance because of your age and it is possible that your social security or other benefits might be affected with you going back to work. Make sure you are clear about the guidelines and laws before getting a job.

Speak to Previous Colleagues

Start your job search by speaking to your previous colleagues and supervisors. See if they are willing to provide you a referral or if they know of any opportunities. This goes along with proper networking and getting professional references. They can help provide to a hiring manager that you are still capable of working effectively, regardless of your age.

Revamp Your Resume

Before you send applications, make sure you review your resume and update it. If you have a gap in employment, make sure you explain it and why you are now looking for a job again. Don’t just mention needing money, but find other positive reasons for looking for a job, such as having a passion for the profession and wanting to continue with the career you enjoyed so much.

Update Your Social Media Profiles

Your social media profiles also need to be updated to show you are up to date with modern technology and understand how it works. Many recruiters will be looking to your social media accounts to find out if you are using them and that you are aware of how they work. This helps them understand a little more about your modern skill sets. Sign up for more than one account, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. Keep them updated regularly, remembering to remain professional.

Battle Ageism

While discriminating against an application because of their age, this doesn’t mean ageism doesn’t exist in the business world. To battle it, make sure the hiring manager knows you are open minded to new changes and capable of adaptation. Show how up-to-date you are and highlight your most recent experience. Make sure to consider the industry and position you are applying for. For example, marketing and advertising jobs will require working knowledge of social media, QR codes and mobile marketing, to start with.


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