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Understanding Different Types of Interviews

Telephone Screening Interview

This occurs when there is a call from an employer to help screen you and other candidates for essential criteria for the position. You should have your job search records organized and handy during this interview. It’s a good idea to have your resume available so that you can refer to it and offer yourself some speaking points if necessary.

In-Person Screening Interview

This type of interview is a screening for initial impressions of your interest, attitude, and professional style for a position. You may not be meeting with the final maker of the decision, but you should still make sure to be on your best behavior. Sell yourself as you would if you were attending the traditional well-known interview.

Selection Interview

This interview features in-depth questions on your skills and qualifications. The questions are used to help evaluate your ability to fit in. In this circumstance, it’s a good idea to establish some rapport with everyone that you have met before, during, and after the interview. You should try to sell yourself as a natural addition to the company.

Work Sample Interview

This is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your skills related to the job. It may be a display of your portfolio or a demonstration of your skills. Before you go to this type of interview, it’s a good idea to practice. You should run through various ways that you can display and describe the projects in your portfolio. Practice this until it is perfect.

Peer Group Interview

This is a meeting with prospective coworkers. They will be used to evaluate how well you would fit into their group and how you would work with their team. You shouldn’t forget to be friendly and smile during this interview. It will show you have confidence.

Group or Panel Interview

This interview features three or more people who will ask questions based on your skills or qualifications. They will evaluate how you will fit in with the company. You should direct your answer to the individual who has asked you the question, but also maintain eye contact with everyone in the group.

Luncheon Interview

This is an interview that is conducted in a restaurant to help assess how well you will be able to handle yourself in social settings. You should pick things you are familiar with eating so that you can focus on being able to answer questions and pay attention to the conversations around you.

Stress Interview

This type of interview focuses on questions that are intended to make you feel uncomfortable. It is used as a test to see how you would be able to handle stress on the job, often unexpectedly. The goal here is for you to be able to stay calm and take your time in answering the questions; don’t take anything personal during this type of interview.

Video Conference Interview

This is a person-to-person based interview that is handled over video conferencing software. If you’ve never used this type of software before, you might want to practice in front of a video camera or a mirror.


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