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Employment for Marketing Master’s Degree


Marketing is a crucial element for any business that wants to be successful. It is the reason that many companies are able to identify their market needs and communicate with the public about how they will be able to meet their demands. Marketing jobs are considered to be very abundant because every company, sector, and industry needs some type of marketing in order to be successful and continue to be in demand. A marketing program on the master’s degree level is going to teach students the key fundamentals of marketing to ensure that they will be able to attain a successful career.

Career Options

There are marketing jobs in every occupational field imaginable. Some of the most typical marketing jobs are found with advertising agencies and corporate marketing. However, there are also jobs with public relations firms, brand management sales, retailing departments, customer relationship management, art groups, special interest communities, and registered charities. Some of the typical marketing titles associated with these positions may include sales managers, market research analysts, advertising managers, and public relations specialists.


The typical marketing assistant makes around $38,000. This is dependent on their experience and the location where they currently reside. The role of the marketing assistant is a fairly entry level job, although it’s common for someone with a master’s degree to take on this role and then be paid based on their experience and education rather than the typical salary that is associated with the entry level role. The good thing about this salary is that the people who work within marketing have the security of knowing that their work is always going to be in demand because almost every industry or business needs to be marketed somehow in order to remain successful and keep the public interested in what it has to offer.

Further Education

For an entry level position, someone would need to at least have a bachelor’s degree in marketing if they wanted to be considered for employment. Most people go on to pursue their master’s degree and beyond because they understand that having a solid education in this industry is crucial for being able to have access to some of the higher paying jobs and more in demand sectors. Someone who has a stronger education and understanding of the industry will be more likely to work on some of the more high profile opportunities that may be presented.


Working within marketing may be an ideal option for someone who is creative and knows how to make the most out of capitalizing on the positive points of a company or a business. This would be a good position for someone who can visualize what company and people of interest need in order to gain true success within their industry and within the public. It can take a while to establish a name for yourself within the marketing industry, but this is easier done if you can work for a marketing firm or agency instead.


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