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Declining Jobs to Cut Costs

Unfortunately for the unemployment rate, one way business owners are saving money is by downsizing their work force. It is a vicious cycle. A company is not making as much money as it was a few years ago, so they let go of a few employees. The newly unemployed can no longer afford to purchase products from the company so the company makes less money and needs to lay off a few more people. There needs to be a way to stop the cycle.

Pay Cuts for the Big Guys

When it comes right down it, someone is going to have to take a pay cut for a short amount of time to help the economy. It should be quite simple really. The workers who are barely making ends meet cannot afford to make any less than they already are. This means the guys at the top need to lower their income a bit. In the case of big businesses, the people at the top make so much money it is hard to believe they would notice a pay cut at all.

Lower Prices

It is hard to understand why businesses are constantly raising prices when sales are going down. People cannot afford to buy things now, they definitely cannot afford to pay more for things. While businesses need to make money, if they would just lower the amount of profit they are making per unit, they would be selling more units and making more in the long run. Yes, there would be a period when they were making less, while the consumers were able to shift back into buying mode, but it would not take too long.

Customer Loyalty

As a business lowered prices or cut wages or even both, the consumers would applaud them. The rewards would be great. Someday, the economy will get back to normal, and when it does, any company that goes out of its way to help consumers will be remembered. Companies that keep raising prices, cutting jobs or taking the jobs to other countries will be forgotten.

Good Advice for Government

The government needs to take this advice too. Instead of threatening to stop paying social security or military benefits, lower the salaries of congress. They make enough money already. Retired people cannot survive without their monthly pay. A senator could probably go a few years without a worry.

Whether you are a business or the government, you should never bite the hand that feeds you. While you may be the paying entity, the consumers and American public are the ones that provide you with an income too. You may have to suffer for a bit, but not to the extent of the people you are trying to sell to will if they have no jobs. If you keep them working, they can buy your products. They will remain loyal and things will start to get better a lot faster.


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