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Benefits of Using Twitter for Job Hunting

Twitter is a social media outlet with more than a million users checking in on a regular basis. If you’re looking for a job that is millions of people that will view your updates, and whose profiles you can search for. Many businesses are using Titter which means you can use the website to find companies in your area hiring as well as announcing your availability to companies who are recruiting with Twitter.

Search for Jobs

The first way to use Twitter to find a job which benefits you is by using the search function. Not all companies looking for employees will post to popular job sites, but many of them post on Twitter. By typing in keywords on Twitter, such as the type of job you want or your location, you can find local companies looking for the type of job you quality for. Twitter’s search function is one of the best benefits to using this resource.


Many jobs require you to be selected among 20 or more people looking for the same job. It can be hard to beat the competition and be the one chosen. However if you network, you can get into contact with others in your industry and have a better chance. This is another benefit to using Twitter for finding a job. With Twitter, you form business relationships with a number of people in your area of study or industry of interest which can help you get a job.

Connect with Companies

You will also be able to use social media through Twitter for contacting companies and forming relationships with them. It lets you follow recruiters and companies and informing them of your availability. Not everyone looking for a job is using Twitter, and even less of them reaching out to recruiters. By choosing this option, you can get ahead of your competition and get a job with better chances than others.

Tips for Using Twitter

If you want to use Twitter to find a job, there are some things to consider. First, anything you post, recruiters will be able to read, so keep that in mind when choosing what to post. If you use unprofessional language, even on your personal account, it might affect your chances. You should work on your portfolio, personalizing it as much as possible. It also helps to put the job position you want or what your degree is in, on your portfolio, because recruiters can use the search function and actually reach out to you in that way. Along the same lines, post your availability in your status messages frequently, but not too much, in order to make it aware you’re looking for employment.


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