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Benefits of Using LinkedIn for Job Hunting

LinkedIn is a comprehensive social media website centered on employers and people seeking employment. It has a wide range of benefits for both companies and potential employees and job seekers. Many people are turning to LinkedIn to recruit for their companies with an equal amount of people looking for new career opportunities with the site. If you’re the latter, you will find many benefits to using LinkedIn in order to find a job.

Reach Businesses

As far as social media sites go, there tend to be more businesses on LinkedIn for recruiting and networking purposes. This is as opposed to Twitter or Facebook which have a lot of business pages, but don’t necessarily use them to look for more employees. You can search for companies specifically nearby whom you would be interested in working for, keep updated on when they’re looking for employees, and connect with them to form a business relationship.

Your LinkedIn Profile

If you want to benefit the most from using LinkedIn with job hunting, you should work on your profile. The profile is what gets the most attention and lets others search for certain criteria when trying to find new recruits. Be as specific as possible with your objective, work experience, education, and other details that would inform others what your history is. Each term becomes a keyword that others can search on LinkedIn for.

Connect with Others

Connect with as many people on LinkedIn as you can, and you will be able to benefit from the networking capabilities. LinkedIn is known for the ability to network with people in the same industry, both as potential colleagues and future employers. The more people you know trough LinkedIn, and that know you, the more you will benefit from the connections.

Jobs Insider Tool

LinkedIn also has a helpful tool so that you can find a job faster and more easily. The Jobs Insider Tool is a downloadable tool that will keep you connected with job listings through other sites like SimplyHired, Monster, Craigslist, CareerBuilder, and more. You will automatically know what jobs are available from these types of sites, and view their listings or company profiles on LinkedIn.

Job Search

One of the greatest benefits to job hunting through LinkedIn is the search feature. This benefits recruiters as well as people who are looking for jobs. As a job seeker, you can search different criteria whether it be industries, types of jobs, education or experience they’re looking for, or company names if you know them. Recruiters can also find you through search features as long as your portfolio is updated in full. Other things you can search for with their Advanced Search Option include the date the job was posted, salary, job function, location, and experience level they’re searching for.


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