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Employment as an Ordained Officiant

Anyone can become ordained online. This ordination can come through various websites in various religions. If an individual would like to become ordained as a secular officiant, Wiccan officiant or Christian officiant they can do so a matter of minutes. However, an employment option as an ordained officiant may be slightly different. An ordained officiant is different than an ordained minister. Ordained officiant can legally perform weddings and other legal ceremonies. The following are employment opportunities available to you if you are an ordained officiant.

Marriage Officiant

A marriage officiant is the most common form of employment as an ordained officiant. An ordained marriage officiant can perform weddings in most states depending on the church that they have been ordained with. They must have good standing and meet state requirements for the ordination. A marriage officiant can perform weddings based on their own schedule and their own fee schedule. Many officiants will charge a minimum of $100 to perform wedding while others charge only a donation for their services and time.

Spiritual Counselor

A spiritual counselor is another form of employment that is available to ordained officiants. An ordained officiant can provide ministry in spiritual counseling to members of a church organization or to members of the church organization online. The spiritual counseling can range from marriage counseling to abuse counseling to generalize spiritual counseling. A spiritual counselor needs to be certified through their church and work through their church organization in order to remain legal. Spiritual counselors can work on their own hours and choose their own fee schedule if they are working independently. If the spiritual counselor is working directly with the church the church may supply a church stipend in order to accommodate the time and the Council being offered by the spiritual counselor as an ordained officiant.

End of Life Spiritual Counseling

Individuals who become an ordained officiant or ordained minister may choose to become an end of life spiritual counselor. This means that you can work with a church or spiritual organization and visit with individuals who were in hospice care or who are in hospital care as a spiritual counselor in the end-of-life stages. You may administer spiritual counseling, prayer and the last rites if your church allows you to do so. This job is generally done on a volunteer basis or for small stipend from the church and is usually done through a church organization that the individual is an ordained officiant or minister with.


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