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Employment as a Freelance Writer

Freelance writing is a rapidly growing industry. The truth of the matter is that becoming a freelance writer is fairly easy however maintaining a freelance writer employment status and maintaining clients is a different matter. Becoming a freelance writer and being employed as a freelance writer is not for everyone. You must work on your own, work independently and be able to work with very little direction. You must have a grasp of grammar and spelling for the particular language you are working with and you must have the discipline to meet deadlines. If you feel that you can be a capable freelance writer, here are the employment options available to you. It should be noted that most freelance writers do work on independent contract and are not employed with particular organizations.

Blog Content Provider

A blog content provider is a freelance writer who provides blog content to various clients. They may also choose to write for themselves on their own personal blogs or business blogs. A blog content writer is generally required to write a minimum of one or a maximum of five blogs per week for their client. These blog should consist of no more than 400 words and should meet the client’s requests. Deadlines can be anything from 24 hours to a full week. A blog content writer can expect to start out at $10 per hour and can work up to as much as $50 per hour depending on their speed and the amount they are being paid per article or word.

Article Content Provider

An article content provider works similarly as the blog content provider would. The differences in the content they provide. Articles are generally less personal and cover more research. Articles are also paid out at a higher rate per word or per article and must meet at least a 500 minimum word requirement. Individuals who choose to write articles may find themselves writing for clients and online websites, businesses or online publications. Article content providers can also write for print magazines and in print journalism as independent writers. An article content provider can expect to start out at $10-$15 per hour with an increased to as much as 50 or more dollars per hour depending on their speed and the amount they are being paid per article.

Content Rewriter

A content rewriter may choose to take on clients that have previously written content. A content rewriter will take this previously written content and correct grammar issues and wording issues. They may also rewrite the article to be a completely new article will maintain the basic structure of the original article. Content rewriters do not tend to make as much as an article or blog content provider. This is due to the fact that clients who are looking for rewriters consider the article to of already been written and the rewriter to simply be doing small amounts of work on the copy. Though many freelance writers shy away from being a content rewriter due to plagiarism issues, there are a few who make is very decent money of the content rewriter and combine content rewriting with editing and proofreading.


Tomekiea Deberry
# Tomekiea Deberry
Wednesday, April 2, 2014 5:43 PM
please, I am seeking a new career needing more detail information on Free lance writing. The changes are looking very positive for a single mother with two sons.

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