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San Francisco Summer Internship Guide

Although tourism can first come to mind when thinking of San Francisco, the city’s numerous education institutions and key location in California make it a financial and technological hub. As such, internships tend to center around those three industries.


San Francisco Film Society

There are three seasons in which applicants can work as interns in the San Francisco Film Society (SFFS): Winter/Spring (mid-January to mid-May), Summer (late May to August), and Fall (September to December). Interns are expected to work between 8 to 30 hours each week, with the internship being unpaid. More information can be found here.


With attractions like the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf, and Chinatown, there is no shortage of visitors who need a place to sleep. By working an internship at a bigger hotel company, you have a better chance of success and more opportunity to branch out. The Hilton, Starwood Hotels, and the Marriott are good places to start.


San Francisco Film Society

With over four dozen music festivals taking place in San Francisco each year, there are plenty of opportunities to intern. Choose from Outside Lands, Treasure Island, and the Jazz Festival, among many others.


San Francisco offers internships at plenty major banks, depending on your level of education and experience. Goldman Sachs offers a ten-week internship in investment banking, Union Bank lets interns gain real-life experience in Information Technology, Human Resources, Business Operations and more, and the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco has summer internships that last between 10 to 12 weeks.


The number of tech companies available to intern at in San Francisco, a city described as “the new heartbeat of Silicon Valley, is only limited by your imagination. It’s a city that’s not only a technological hub, but also one in close proximity to others like Palo Alto and Cupertino. In San Francisco, though, you can find internships at Twitter, Zynga, Pinterest, and Pulse.

San Francisco Summer Housing Guide

Whether you choose to spend your summer internship in an apartment, hotel, billeting with a family, or at a university dorm, the size of San Francisco offers many options.

San Diego Summer Internship Guide

San Diego is the second-largest city in California and eight-largest in the whole country, making it an attractive destination for summer interns. Although military and defense efforts used to be the dominant industry in the area, their hold hasn’t moved much and it’s now second only to manufacturing, such as shipbuilding and repair, industrial machinery and computers, metals production, and manufacturing toys and sporting goods. However, getting an internship isn’t possible in military and defense, as you need to actually become a member of the Armed Forces, but a company like SOLUTE Consultingis associated with the military and offers internships.

  • Industrial Machinery and Computers

    Industrial Machinery and Computers
    General Dynamics NASSCO is the biggest ship designing and building company in San Diego, and opportunities with them can be checked out on their website.

  • Shipbuilding and Repairs

    Shipbuilding and Repairs
    reFre5h is a tech company that’s centered toward social media, with internships regularly available for computer science students, such as software engineers. Leidos is another tech company with opportunities, while CP Manufacturing deal with industrial machinery.

  • Metals Production

    Metals Production
    Metals production is one of the dominant industries in San Diego, with Vista Industrial Products, Inc. being one of the largest companies.

  • Toys and Sporting Goods

    Toys and Sporting Goods
    In this manufacturing industry, internships at toy companies are varied. A large company like Toys R Us offers internships in a selection of areas, while Imperial Toy is another. In sporting goods, Callaway Golf, TaylorMade Golf, and Cobra Golf are all headquartered in San Diego county.

San Diego Summer Housing Guide

Only 120 miles south of Los Angeles, San Diego has many options for visiting student interns who need a place to stay.

  • UC San Diego has a comprehensive site where summer interns can choose from different housing and meal plan options.
  • Furnished shared housing at Golden Hill Place offers student interns very affordable options for housing for the summer.
  • If you’re a student of San Diego State University, take advantage of their very affordable and flexible housing options.

Washington, DC Summer Internship Guide

Washington is the political pulse of the country and so, internships in this field are by far the most popular.

The School of Professional and Extended Studies at American University is unique in that it assists and guides students through the internship application process, and has advisors who can help students land internships in a multitude of areas. If you’re more competitive, have top-notch marks and desire to go into politics, interning for a member of Congress on Capitol Hill or at the Library of Congress can be avenues to follow. Members’ pages of the United States Senate can be found here if prospective interns want to intern at that level. The American Political Science Association has internships for students who want to understand and learn about politics from a broad perspective.

Washington, DC Summer Housing Guide

  • Along with having many internship opportunities, American University also assists students with finding a place to live in for the summer.
  • Georgetown University is another option for summer interns who need a place to stay, with affordable rates and a close proximity to many landmarks.
  • Washington Intern Student Housing is a hub for summer interns looking for a place to stay, and has many different options and rates based on where and what the internship consists of.

Charlotte, NC Summer Internship Guide

One of Charlotte’s strengths, despite its landlocked location, is its diversity and location. By being close to other major cities in the Carolinas and having the headquarters of several industries in the city center, Charlotte has something for everyone.

The insurance company Allstate is committed to helping students and new grads get their foot through the door so they can begin their careers, and has internships available in many financial areas. Wells Fargo, one of the biggest banks in the United States, has established internships for students, as have Certus Bank and the Bank of America.

Car racing is also quite popular in Charlotte, and students looking for internships will find a wealth of opportunities with Earnhardt Ganassi Racing, the Fortune 500 company Sonic Automotive, Hendrick Motorsports, and Richard Petty Motorsports.

Alternatively students or grads can look for internship opportunities in a miscellany of fields, such as Boxman for manufacturing, Crowder for construction, Speed TV for media and entertainment, and Coca-Cola for food and beverage manufacturing and retail.

Charlotte, NC Summer Housing Guide

  • The Apartment Guide is a comprehensive list of apartments available in Charlotte, and is sorted by distance, price range, and other options.
  • Queens University is open to college students who have summer internships in Charlotte, with affordable options for dorm housing.
  • JWU Charlotte is very centrally located, and is a happy medium between dorm housing and independent living.
  • If you’re aUniversity of North Carolina student taking summer courses, or a UNC student who needs summer housing between semesters, the college has several options.

New York Citty Summer Internship Guide

New York City, just about the largest city in the United States and the heartbeat of the country, has no shortage of summer internships for students and grads. Its central location and global hub as an economic power has made New York City one of the go-to places in the world for work and experience, and interns can find a wealth of opportunity here.



Interns can work for thecity in a variety of roles, such as the Fire Department of New York, City Planning, the Office of the Mayor, the Department of Transportation, and much more.

The King’s Collegein New York City also offers interns many opportunities for summer work, although theirs are unpaid.

The governor’s officeof New York City has hundreds of internship opportunities for students, although the timing can be tight with academic terms.



One of the most well-known venues in the whole country, Madison Square Garden always has a large number of internship roles that summer students can apply for.

ESPN, one of the largest sports networks in the world, has internship opportunities available throughout the year with competitive pay and subsidized housing for interns.

Nike has a 12-week paid internship available to students, with employee perks and benefits available to them.



For students who want a behind the scenes look at one of New York’s premier weekly newspapers, The Observer is one choice.

Interning at the New York Times can be one of the biggest stepping stones to a career in journalism for students, with the newspaper offering 10-week internships in the summer.

One of the country’s most respected TV stations, NBC, has a wealth of internships for students, with New York City being one of the key locations.

Student’s of New York University’s Tisch School can gain valuable film experience with one of their many internships, fulfilling course credit at the same time.

Montreal Summer Housing Guide

The second-largest city in Canada and the bridge between Europe and North America, Montreal is an urbane, affordable, well-located city with plenty of inexpensive housing that’s easy to access with a well-planned metro system.

Students can try McGill University or Concordiafor inexpensive summer housing options, as both universities make themselves available for summer students.

While hotels may be a slightly more costly option, they are still cheap when compared against other major cities in the world. Boutique hotels like The Celebrities Hotel and the Hotel Villa are both located in downtown Montreal, giving students easy access to all of the city’s sights and sounds.

Alternatively, summer interns and employees who need a place to stay in Montreal for the summer can rent an apartment, looking on sites such as Craigslist, Kijiji, and Owner Direct all offering short-term affordable rental options.

Loudoun County Summer Internship Guide

Snugly tucked into the metropolitan area of Washington, DC, Loudoun County has the best of everything: it’s large and close enough to Washington that students can take advantage of big-city internship opportunities, and small enough that students can intern at a cozier organization, making themselves known as a person instead of a number.

  • Government internships in Loudoun County are fairly common, and interns can apply to work in a number of sectors.
  • With its world headquarters located in Loudoun County, Verizon Business is a key organization for summer interns looking for valuable experience.
  • Orbital Sciencesis another organization with world headquarters located in Loudoun County, enabling interns to work alongside experts in many fields.
  • Dulles International Airport, a vital hub of activity and transportation in Loudoun County, can give interns a chance to see firsthand what it takes to make an airport run smoothly and safely.
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