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Landing Your First Job

If you are currently looking for your first job after finishing college or if you are currently in high school and looking to start working, it can be a little intimidating. You are also at an advantage as when applying for a job, many other applicants already have work experience. But don’t give up just yet. With these tips, you will be well on your way to getting that first job and starting to gain the experience you need for furthering your career.

Express Good Communication Skills

The hiring manager is going to want to know how effectively you communicate. This is something many seasoned workers learn along the way, and is a common skill learned from work experienced. As this is your first job, you might not have proper written and oral communication skills. The way you respond to communications with the hiring manager and how you act during the interview will showcase these skills.

Accept an Internship

If you are having trouble finding your first job because of lack of work experience, consider accepting an internship. These usually don’t pay, but they are well worth it in the skills and experience you will learn. It helps you become familiar in professional surroundings, and gives you something great to put on your resume. You will also be able to start networking and have viable work references.

Prove Your Computer Literacy

All jobs in today’s advanced technological age will require knowledge of the computer. Make sure you show how adept you are at using computers, especially if you have experience with more than one type, like tablets, PCs and Mac computers. If you know how to use other forms of technology, make sure to list that on your resume. Not only is it good to know, but it helps add some meat to your resume.

Provided a Portfolio

Just because you don’t have actual work experience, doesn’t mean you can’t show what you’re made of. Many jobs have the ability for you to show examples or portfolios of what you’re made of. If it is a creative job, show your graphic design, interior decorating or art portfolio to give a concrete example of your skills. Many other jobs also have the ability to show examples, like applying to be a columnist at your local newspaper or editing videos for a communications company. Choose your best pieces to be included in your portfolio that are relevant and impressive.

Ask Your Friends

When it comes down to it, being referred to a company from a friend, family member or neighbor can be the road to success. Many people get hired for their first job because they knew someone who helped them get that job. There is no reason not to reach out to your loved ones and ask for help.


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