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Employment As a Physical Therapist


Working as a physical therapist can be a good option for someone who wants to work in a position that will allow them to help other people and work towards their recovery. It is a unique area of the medical field which treats various conditions with special forms of therapy. It is a demanding job, but there are flexible hours. Some physical therapists work for hospitals and clinics while others may work independently because they are freelancing. Some physical therapists provide home care for seniors that are not able to travel outside of their households on their own. This would be an ideal position for someone who is very outgoing and friendly. It is a rewarding position for most physical therapist professionals in the industry.


The physical therapist is responsible for the evaluation and assessment of the needs of referred patients and formulated treatment plans. They are able to provide therapy sessions that are defined in treatment plans from doctors. They work together with case managers, doctors, and adjustors. Some are able to supervise physical therapy assists, athletic trainers, and aides. This is a position that requires a master’s degree. The individual must also have a certification in order to be able to practice. Those who work as physical therapists generally work under a manager unless they are freelancing their work.


If you do not have the education that is required for this type of occupation, you may be interested in attending school to gain more instruction in meeting your professional goals or continuing your education in order to work towards attaining this goal. The counselors at most colleges and universities will be willing to help create an academic plan for you that will provide you with guidance regarding which courses you should study in order to pursue a degree or certification in the industry related to this profession. In some circumstances, those who are returning to school in search of improving their professional status may be able to have their courses and tuition paid for by their current employer or an employer that may be interested in hiring them after the right degrees and certifications have been attained. If you are interested in this option, you may want to contact your employer or prospective employer for more information.

Salary Information

The median salary for a physical therapist is $77,000.


The information above is based on statistics that were taken from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. It is important to understand that most of the information listed here are estimates based on information that was collected from previous years. As a result, the salaries and other related information for this occupation may vary in your area. It may also vary depending on your employer and what the average payment amount for your county or state may be within your industry of choice. For more information, you may want to visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics for more in depth determinations.


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