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Top Health Care Jobs for 2013

With the age of the baby boomers increasing, it is no wonder there is a huge demand for healthcare workers. There are so many choices to think about if you are thinking about a career in the healthcare industry. These careers are not only increasing but they pay good as well. Here are the top health care jobs for 2013.


With so many cavities from eating too much candy when you were little, it is no wonder the need for dentists is on the rise. Dentists can help you keep your mouth healthy as well as providing you with ways to keep your current teeth. Everyone should regularly visit the dentist. There is some good news for those wanting to become a dentist. The expected growth of dentistry is supposed to increase by 21% between now and the year of 2020.

Registered Nurse

Nurses are always needed. They care for you in the doctor’s office and the hospital before the doctor even comes in to see you. They are compassionate to your needs and will help keep you comfortable any way they can until the doctor comes in. The expected growth from now until 2020 for registered nurses is 26%.


With so many people on different medications these days, pharmacists are always needed. They are there to ensure you get the medicine the doctor prescribes for you. They will also answer any questions you have and will help you with anything they can. The professionals in this industry mix technical skills, people skills and organizational skills for great customer service. The need for pharmacists will grow by 25% between now and 2020.


Doctors are the main people in the health care industry. They are the ones who actually diagnose and treat you. They also instruct you on a proper diet as well as proper hygiene and how to prevent disease. They will also see a big growth from now until 2020.

Physical Therapists

There is a high demand for physical therapists every day. They will help someone who is paralyzed regain their mobility or even help someone who survived cancer regain their strength. They will also assist those in pain by teaching them exercises to get through that pain. If you choose to become a physical therapist, expect an increase of 39% between now and 2020.

Dental Hygienist

As with the need for dentists grows so does the need for dental hygienists. Dental hygienists are there to help the dentists by cleaning patients’ teeth as well as other things they can do in the office. Although they work mostly part time, they make over $65,000 per year.


A veterinarian is there to help keep your pets healthy. Not only are they animal doctors but they also help protect the food supply because they inspect the animals to make sure they are healthy. They also help educate pet owners on how to have a good and healthy relationship with their pets. This profession is supposed to increase by 36% between now and 2020.


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