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How to Get Work Experience During College

When you attend college, it is typically so that you can advance your career, but what do you do when employers require work experience? This is a common complaint among new college graduates and it creates a vicious circle. However you do have options for getting work experience while you’re attending college so that once you’re done with your degree or certificate program, you can begin working right away.

Work Online

One way to gain work experience while you attend college is to get a job online in your job field or industry. There are a lot of different jobs, but you should find one related to your field of study or the career you hope to get. For example, if you’re going to college to become a teacher, you can be an online tutor. This gives you experience working with students in something related to what you will be doing as a teacher. Having an online job you do from home also helps with your busy school schedule.


Another great option is to sign up to be an intern at a company you hope to work at after college or one in the industry you’re going to school for. Most internships don’t pay but it gives you amazing work experience in your field. When potential employees are looking at your resume, they will consider interns you do to be excellent work experience. For example, if you want to be an architect and get an internship during the summer working for an architectural firm as an assistant, this gives you hands-on experience in the field and an inside look into the industry.

Temp Agency

If you are in still in college and need a job but are struggling due to lack of work experience, you can sign up at a local temp agency. You simply sign up, take some basic tests and tell them what kind of work you want to do. If the purpose is to get work experience in a specific industry, they will fit you within your specifications. It is another great way to get hands-on experience in your field of interest.


Similar to doing a free internship, volunteering won’t pay you for your time but you benefit from the work experience you gain as well as something to put on your resume. Not only will your volunteer work look amazing on its own, but it can also be considered work experience. For example if you’re going to college to become a medical assistant, you can volunteer at a local hospital as a “candy striper” where you assist patients with different tasks.


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