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Nonprofit - Social Services Jobs

If you are a kind, passionate and giving person, you have the personality required to work in the nonprofit sector of the government, including social service jobs. With a number of different job titles, nonprofit and social service jobs includes careers where you are helping others to improve their lives including helping with individuals, children and teens, spouses, and health issues. Regardless of the group of people you work with or the job title you have, this is a very rewarding career with many more benefits that go beyond the salary you earn.

Types of Nonprofit Jobs

Many different types of jobs are included in the social services and nonprofit sectors. The job you want will determine how much schooling or what kind of degree you will need, as well as the required work experience and the salary you qualify for. If you want to work in nonprofit and social services, you can work as an assistant, social worker, educator, service provider, counselor, or general administration in your local social services office. Under each job title, there are many different areas you might work in. For instance, being a counselor in social services, you could work the mentally or physically disabled, work with troubled teens, abused women and children, or do family counseling.


The educational requirements for nonprofit and social services careers vary based on the type of job you want. In general, you will want at least a bachelor’s degree in social work, counseling, or social services. Many social workers, especially those classified as clinical social workers, will need to have their master’s degree. This is to ensure you have sufficient training and education in order to be a successful social worker. Social workers will also need to get a license in social work, with the process being different in each state.

Skills Required

Nonprofit and social service jobs requires mostly communication and personable skills. To work in this profession, you must be comfortable working with people. The majority of your job requires you to speak openly and honestly to others in order to help them improve their current situation. If you don’t feel comfortable with verbal and written communication, it won’t be a good fit or you. Human compassion is another skill that is valuable in nonprofit and social work jobs.

Salary and Job Outlook

Salaries for nonprofit and social services jobs vary based on your educational background, work experience, location, and of course the type of job you take and what organization you work for. On average, administration social work makes about $35,000 a year or more depending on your experience, while an experienced and licensed social worker can make as high as $70,000 depending on your location, who you work for and what type of experience and education you have.

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