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Three Reasons Your Online Resume is Useless…And One Big Reason it Isn’t
We all like to think of applying for jobs online as the future, and a super easy thing to do. All you have to do is make one resume template, change the name of the person to whom it’s being addressed, and click send, right? Wrong. There are many ways in which you’ve been using the wrong kind of resume and sabotaging your job-searching efforts, but we’re here to tell you how to fix that…and what the one thing to leave on should be.

An Online Resume Says Nothing about Networking

No doubt that just about everyone on this planet has heard of networking, even if they don’t actively practice it on a regular basis. But for the handful of people who don’t, networking is essentially making friends with people on a business level. Instead of talking to others about the best patio for drinking season, you’re discussing ideas and developments in your related fields.

It’s also just about entirely essential to landing a job, as the perspective has firmly shifted away from what you know to who you know. And how are you supposed to prove you’re awesome at networking if all you do is hit the send button? You’d be far better off actually picking up the phone and having a conversation instead of going with your online resume.

An Online Resume Falls into the “Shotgun Application” Pile

Shotgun applying is when everybody and their brother apply for the same job on a board, flooding that one position with thousands of (unqualified candidates). If you’ve ever been on the other side of that fence, you know you have your work cut out for you by placing a lead weight on your delete finger.

If you want the temporary satisfaction of saying that you applied for 30 jobs in one month, then by all means, go ahead and stick with your online resume. But if it’s actually results you’re after, then drop the resume and try and connect with businesses — and hiring managers — one-on-one.

An Online Resume Sets You Up for Rejection Before You Even See the Door

Applying for jobs with a resume is a bit like online dating: you set up a “profile” with your resume, target in on attractive prospects (i.e. jobs), and then send them a message (your resume). But just like online dating, the people on the other end only need to take one look at your digital self before they flat-out reject you.

You could be the most qualified person on earth and willing to do quite literally whatever it takes to work as a team, but everyone says that on their resume. There’s no way for an employer to vet you as they would in person, and so they’re resigned to judging you based on what’s on the computer screen in front of them. Fair? Not at all, especially when you know you can prove you’re the right one for the position if only given a chance. But it happens, and it’s one of the consequences of having an online resume.

But Wait, There is One Reason Why You Shouldn’t Throw it Away

Your online resume is the digital equivalent of a business card, and they’re still very much in fashion. But unlike a business card, which usually only contains the bare information about yourself, an online resume fleshes it out into more detail. It tells the employer more about who you are and why you’re qualified for the position, and enables them to easily bring it up when they need to.

So an online resume hasn’t been rendered completely obsolete, it just seems that way from millions of people misunderstanding its purpose. Use your online resume wisely and not like something you’d hand out at a Mardi Gras parade, and you’ll do just fine.


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