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Manufacturing Jobs

The manufacturing industry covers a wide variety of jobs and career paths. Manufacturing is typically involving the industrial production of parts, products and merchandise, machinery, and equipment. You can work for a variety of industries in manufacturing, such as retail, aerospace, chemicals, food, apparel, automotive, textiles, and electronics. If you’re interested in getting an exciting career that offers a wide range of job and career choices, it will be worth it to read more about manufacturing jobs, their requirements and what they offer.

Types of Manufacturing Jobs

Many different jobs are included in the manufacturing field, which vary in how much they pay, what the job duties and responsibilities are, and what kind of education will be required. Some of the types of manufacturing jobs include being an electrical, industrial, chemical, mechanical, or computer engineer, a machinist who works with presses and drills, an assemblers working in an assembly line, a welder who will use electricity and heat to combine metal pieces together, quality control who focuses on inspecting products for proper function, or a production manager who oversees the manufacturing process for your organization.


The educational requirements for manufacturing jobs vary based on the type of job you want. Some of the entry level positions won’t require more than an associate degree while others such as engineering or management require at least a bachelor’s but probably a master’s degree is more appropriate. To be a manufacturing manager or production manager, you will probably need a degree in manufacturing and production as well as business to be successful. There is also voluntary qualification for manufacturer jobs with a certification called the American Society for Quality (ASQ) certification.

Skills Required

The skills required for a job in manufacturing depends largely on the type of position you get. If you decide to be in management, you should have excellent verbal and written communication skills, work well with others, be able to manage a small or large group of people, and exceptional organizational skills. Manufacturing managers require a good deal of creative and analytical thinking, and should not be afraid to speak u in regards to your superiors and employees who you manage.

Salary and Job Outlook

For those who choose to work in the manufacturing field, you will find that average salaries vary across the country. Your average salary depends a lot on your location in the US, as well as what your educational background is, if you have any work experience, and the type of job you decide to take. On average in the United States, someone working in the manufacturing field will earn about $50,000 a year. This could potentially be higher if you are working in management and have more work experience.

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