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Information Technology Job

In a country constantly dealing with high unemployment rates, it helps to choose a career that is booming. Information technology (IT) is one such industry, and include a wide variety of jobs within the field. If you work in information technology, you have a stable job with competitive wages and additional benefits. You can work for a variety of different companies, depending on what industry you want to work in. With the right kind of education and formal training, it shouldn’t be hard to find the information technology job you’re seeking. In general, information technology positions include troubleshooting software systems, answering technical questions, and maintaining network infrastructures.

Database Administrator

A database administrator is one of the more common and popular information technology jobs. As a database administrator, you will maintain, supervise and test your business’s data management system. This includes overseeing the installation and modifications of your organization’s database management system and scheduling updates when changes need to be made to the database. You may also have a team of people under you that assist with your various tasks, especially if you work for a large company with a significant database. Education and training is required, and you may need basic information technology job experience at entry level for a job as a database administrator.

Computer Support

If you work in customer support as a specialist, it is your job to manage and support the firm’s information technology policies as well as providing technical services and support to other information technology staff. You may also be responsible for a help desk which includes providing tech support for your customers, and occasionally other employees. You will help troubleshoot problems for customer on the phone and possibly over the internet in a live-chat scenario. As a computer support specialist, you may also help customers install new programs or make changes to existing systems.

Network Administrator

If you choose to be a network administrator, you will help to maintain your business’s local area networks (LAN) and wide area networks (WAN). This is another common IT position that requires a good deal of schooling and hands-on training. Some of the applications you will need to be familiar with include network security, Internet and intranet. Other job duties as a network administrator include supporting your company’s network system, updating network hardware and software, and designing or installing new software for your organization’s network.

Education and Training Required

The majority of IT jobs will require a four-year college degree in computer technology, though some only require an information technology certificate which can be achieved in as little as 2 years. Some companies may also hire entry level individuals who are adept at computer and network systems, with on-the-job training.

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