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Hospitality and Hotel Jobs

If you have excellent communication skills and feel comfortable working with people, then a career in hospitality may be the perfect fit. Hospitality and hotel jobs include a wide range of career opportunities, which require a variety of educational degrees and training. Not only can you work for a hotel, but you can also work in a casino, upscale restaurant, cruise lines, or for an event planning company. This is an exciting career to be involved in with competitive wages and opportunity for growth.

Types of Hospitality Careers

Hospitality and hotel careers involve working with others in many different environments, whether it is a casino, hotel, or cruise line. You can be an event planner, tour director or cruise director, manager in a casino or gambling hall, a food or restaurant critic, hotel manager or hotel concierge. You can also work a variety of other jobs for hospitality including office and administration, accounting, or community service. The options are endless, and the choice you make will depend on your personal strengths and skill sets.

Educational Requirements

The educational requirements for hospitality and hotel jobs depend on the type of job you want to get. Some jobs will require a bachelor’s or master’s degree while others hire individuals with an associate’s degree or even a certificate. For example, to be an accountant or work in business administration for a large hotel chain, they might prefer a bachelor’s or master’s degree, while working as hotel concierge, cruise director, or office help for a casino, a certificate will most likely suffice.

Skills Required

To work in hospitality, there are some basic skills that you should possess before you consider this career path. Working in hospitality requires working with people; not only customers but fellow employees as well. You should have exceptional communication and people skills, feel comfortable working with others, have the ability to manage employees in your department, and have excellent organization skills. You will also want to have critical and analytical skills, be able to present information, and have good written communications as well as verbal, and good teamwork skills as well. These skills are especially important in a management capacity.

Salary and Job Outlook

Hospitality careers in general are looking good in the future, with about a 15% increase over the next 10 years. The salary depends on your location, job type, educational background and experience, but the average starting salary for hotel management is $40,000 a year. Some jobs within hospitality might pay lower, while others can get a higher wage with more extensive education and experience. Management, accounting, and bookkeeping will earn higher starting salaries than working as a hotel concierge or as a tour director.

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