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Welcome to Youremployment.com

Government Jobs

There are a variety of jobs working for the government that offer minimal schooling (depending on the job) and a competitive salary. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, there are approximately 2 million government employees and is the country’s largest employee Government jobs vary widely in the job descriptions, education and training required, and salary. They also tend to be high in demand due to there always being a need for government workers. You can work throughout the country, as only about 16% of government workers actually work in Washington, D.C. The average government employee will earn over $55,000 a year though this depends on the type of career path they have chosen.

Medical and Social Work

The first area of government employee is in medical and social work fields. This includes health policies, research and development, clinical, and public health. Medical and social work government jobs include being a physician, pharmacist, nurse, medical assistant, medical technologist or medical records technician for a government organization such as local urgent care or public medical center. You can also be a social worker, getting a job at a government agency like the Department of Health and Human Services, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, or Department of Veteran Affairs.


Jobs in the education field are also considered to be government positions. This includes being a teacher or professor, librarian, public health educator, administrator, administration and clerical, instructional systems specialist, counselor or psychologist, vocational rehabilitation specialist and more. There are many government jobs in the education field, which can offer competitive salaries with the right educational background and training.

Business and Technology

Many types of business and technology jobs are available in the government. Some types of government business jobs include economics, finance, marketing, human resources, accounting, and management. In technology, you might work in computer science, computer programming, information technology, or helping with research and development of technological advances. Some of the government agencies you can work for in business and technology include the Federal Reserve System, Congressional Budget Office, Department of Commerce, and the Department of the Treasury.

Criminal Justice

Criminal justice jobs are also government positions which vary widely based on your chosen specialty. You can be a police officer, detective, attorney, paralegal, judge, legal assistance, court reporter, FBI agent, CIA agent, correctional officer, border patrol agent, or many other positions within criminal justice. Some of the organizations you can work for the Department of Defense, Department of Justice, Central Intelligence Agency, or Homeland security. Some criminal justice jobs like working for the CIA or FBI will include a stricter approval process as opposed to being a correctional officer or court reporter. Being a lawyer or judge requires the longest amount of schooling of all government jobs.

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