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If you’re in search of occupations where you can start a small business that is most likely home-based and lets you set your own hours and be your own boss, there are many business opportunities to choose from. Business opportunity jobs are also known as work-from-home jobs where you run a small business, whether you are the only employee or not. There are dozens of business opportunities that let you earn a living and work flexible hours you set for yourself, but it does take more research and persistence, as well as patience before you begin turning over a profit. When looking for a business opportunity, you should start by choosing an industry that interests you or where you already have experience.

Customer Service

If you enjoy speaking to people and feel comfortable on the phone, then customer service will be perfect for you. As a customer service representative, you can have a business where you answer inbound and outbound calls, answer a company’s help line and provide tech support. Customer service representatives should have computer and phone knowledge, with the ability to communicate and talk on the phone for long hours. The majority of your job is speaking to customers and helping them with their inquiries, which range from signing up for services to taking purchase orders and helping with technical issues.


If you have a basic knowledge of sentence structure, can research quickly and efficiently, and have experience with excellent spelling and grammar, you can make a career out of writing. Starting your own writing business involves choosing the type of writing you would like to offer to companies, such as web articles, blog posts, press releases, news articles, and web content such as writing homepages and product descriptions. It helps to have some writing experience and education in proper writing methods, including journalism.

Graphic Design

If you are a creative individual with an eye for color and design and a working knowledge of graphic design, you can easily make a business out of it. There will also be companies and individuals who need graphic design, such as website logos, blog layouts, and overall web design Regardless of the type of design you do, you can choose this as a business opportunity with education and training in using graphic design software.

Virtual Assistant

You can also start a virtual assistant business which gives you the chance to work a variety of assignments. As the business owner, you choose what services you offer to individuals and businesses. This may include administrative and clerical duties, customer service, data entry, writing, social media posting, marketing assistance, and event management. If you have experience with accounting or bookkeeping, you can also include those services.

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