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Top Education Jobs for 2013

Degrees in education are on the rise since many young people are attending college more. Having a career in education is a hot thing right now. Not only can you make money doing something you love but you can reap the rewards by teaching others. There is more to education jobs than just being a teacher. Here are the top education jobs in 2013.

Curriculum Developer

A curriculum developer is the one behind the scenes who creates the curriculum and provides the technology to use for this curriculum. This is the hottest education job right now because many people in this type of industry will be involved with the teaching process without having the same duties as the teacher. However, most of these positions require you to work all year round without getting a summer vacation.

Postsecondary Teacher

This type of teacher is the college teacher. They range from assistant professors and graduate student teachers to technical teachers, associate professors and professors. The good thing about being a postsecondary teacher or a college teacher is that the students are actually interested in what you are teaching. However, the downside is that tenure with this position is harder to get than it used to be.

Special Education Teacher

A special education teacher will either have their own classroom or will assist the regular teacher with the students with disabilities. They will also teach the disabled students social behavior. They will also work with the regular teacher to provide the educational materials the disabled students need. Special education teachers will work with the regular teacher and report to the parents of the children on how well their education is going. The good thing about being a special education teacher is that there is room for advancement in their career. However, this type of job can also be very stressful.


A school counselor is the one who will work with the students toward their career and life choices. They advise the students on what they should do and help them get started with it. Although this is a good job to have because you get to work closely with the students to make their career choices, it can also be a very stressful job to work with these students.

Education Administrator

Being an education administrator means being a dean, a professor, an assistant professor or a superintendent. Being in this type of career is a good choice if you want to help the school run better. Being an education administrator means making more than other educational professionals. However, although this job is in big demand, it is more competitive than most other educational jobs. They may also require over time.


If you love books and want to encourage children to read more, being a librarian might be a good choice for you. What is so good about being a librarian is that you can help the students find the information they need.


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