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Types of Employment Programs

Employment programs include a variety of programs from companies and educational institutions. They are in place for employees and students who will benefit from these extra services. What some people don’t realize is that the benefits reach the employer and educational institutions as well; people are more likely to join your institution or company if you offer additional employment programs such as the ones listed below.

Employment Benefit Programs

The first type of employment program is included in employment benefit programs offered by different companies. These offer a variety of services to workers such as health insurance, retirement benefits, life insurance, 401K, and paid time off. Tuition reimbursement programs are another type of benefit highly valuable to employees. While it may seem like you’re paying more for these benefits than they’re worth, as an employer you are actually going to benefit more in the long run as you can retail your current employees and avoid issues with having to keep hiring new employees for the same position.

On-the-Job Training Programs

Another type of employment program is one also offered by employers. This is the on-the-job training program that trains current employees to learn new skills to either excel at their current position or to hold new positions within the company. Similar to the employment benefit programs, providing free training skills programs to your employees ensures that workers are more productive and continue working for your company. You will be able to hire within your firm by training employees to learn new skills instead of having to find another employee and pay for recruitment.

Job Placement

As far as educational institutions are concerned, there are also employment programs offered there. Many schools offer job placement for their students, especially industry-specific schools like those in legal, medical, and education fields. They may not exactly place students in a permanent position, but offer employment services to help them get a job by recommending them to employers in the area, getting them an interview, giving the student interviewing tips, and helping them work on their resume. The institution and the students both benefit from this type of employment program.

Internship Programs

If your school is unable to offer you job placement, they might still help you get an internships. Some industries won’t hire any employees without experience which requires an internship. Internships are often unpaid but the experience and qualifications you get from it is valuable. You will have experience to put on your resume and might even get hired for a permanent position at the company you interned for.


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