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Employment Options for Released Inmates with Felonies

Felons who have recently been released from prison can find it difficult getting hired, especially since their criminal history shows up on their background check, and most job applications will ask for this information upfront. Some companies in the US accept felons even if they were just released from prison, but it’s no surprise that is a lot harder to get hired for certain positions. But if you’re a felon, you have options in order to get employment.

Contact your Parole Officer

If you’re out on parole, your parole officer should be the first person you contact. They might have even gotten you a job, but if not, get their help finding one. They will have resources and a list of companies in the area that hire people with a criminal past. In the beginning it might not be the job you ultimately want, but if you show up on time and do your best work, you can show you are trusted and valuable and gradually move up in the company.

Grants for Released Inmates

The federal government has also allowed for several grants to help recently released inmates find jobs in their area. If your parole officer doesn’t have advice, or you don’t have one, contact your local government office and talk to a social worker. They should be able to help you with companies that would give you a chance. Let them know what kind of education or experience you have and hopefully you can get something that fits your experience.

Online Search

You can also perform an online search and get access to different online programs that list potential jobs for felons and newly released prisoners. One such program is called H.I.R.E. which is a national network that helps ex-felons find employment. The membership for this program is free, as is another program called Hard2Hire. For both of these programs, you look up jobs based on your location and they will find you stable employment.

Start your own Business

You might also have the opportunity to start your own business if being an entrepreneur interests you. Many locations in the US allow ex-felons to receive a business license and even a business grant or loan, depending on your previous crimes and I they were related to business or finance. It doesn’t hurt to find out about this option as you can start your own business and even hire other ex-felons to give them a job and get the Work Opportunity Tax Credit. This will help you pay your business taxes when tax season rolls around.


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