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Available Online Career Services

If you’re planning on going to distance learning due to the many benefits of working at your own pace, you might want to do a little more research first. While they might have proper accreditation and the degree program you want, have you thought about what you will do after you get your degree? May schools and colleges offer a variety of career services to their online students which help you with finding a job, getting an internship, or providing valuable interviewing and resume tips. It can be well worth your time to find a school with these extra career services.

What are online career services?

Online career services are services offered to students of online schools. They may range from job placement and internship placement to help with interviewing, building your resume, and tips on finding a job in your area and your expertise. Not all online schools offer these types of online career services so it helps to find out about the services offered before signing on for a particular online college.

How is it different from local college services?

When you attend a local college or university, you are told upfront what career services and other student services will be offered. You generally meet with the school’s guidance counselor to discuss your career goals and what classes to take in order to achieve these goals. Many even offer references to local internships for the type of degree you’re getting. However with online schools, it gets a little trickier. Each online school is different and offers different types of services to their students. Since everything is digital, you should do your research to determine exactly what level of college services they’re currently offering.

What types of services are offered?

You will find that a variety of career services are offered by online schools, but again, this really depends on the school. What you want to look for is a school offering career services for the degree program you’re applying for. So if you are inquiring about their accounting degree program, find out if they offer companies in your area looking to hire from accredited schools, if they help with resume writing, if they can find you an accounting internship and if they offer any type of job placement services. These are other types of career services should be offered by your online school. They might also have other services such as help with interviewing for the job you want, how to dress, proper answers of the different interviewing questions, ways to look for a job in your field, and numerous other career tips.


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