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The Real Usefulness of Millennials: They’re Worth More than the Media Says
Millennials get an unfair rap in the workplace as being lazy, entitled workers who want all the perks without actually earning them, but that stereotype isn’t based on much credibility. Each generation has positive and negative characteristics, but with millennials soon becoming the most visible demographic, it’s time to take a look at the beneficial impact they can make.

Millennials are Tech-Savvy

The future is computer- and cloud-based, and the generation that’s practically grown up with smartphones in their hands will be the winners. Not only do they know technology inside and out, but they’re also quick to embrace changes, which are happening more and more quickly.

Millennials Favor Work-Life Balance

Compared to Baby Boomers, who were willing to put in long hours to both get the job done and get ahead, Millennials see the value in flexibility. They know it’s not healthy to become totally consumed by either work or life, and place boundaries between the two. While other generations may see this as leaving at 5pm instead of when the job is done, millennials are actually keeping an eye out for the bigger picture in life.

Millennials are Confident

One of the rare pluses of a generation raised on constantly being told they’re special and possess great potential is the confidence to do anything. Millennials’ drawback or inadequacies weren’t highlighted nearly as often as their positive aspects, and the result is a generation that believes it can do and achieve anything. Of course, this needs to be balanced with hard work, sacrifice and dedication, but they’ve got the psychological aspect taken care of.

Millennials are Connected

There’s a saying: No man is an island. And Millennials really take this to heart. They really understand that what you know doesn’t matter nearly as much as who you know, and form connections constantly. They have profiles on Facebook, tweet regularly, read blogs and comment on them, and make connections all over the world. But millennials are also becoming increasingly aware of privacy and boundaries, and are becoming more careful of what they post online.

Millennials are Sheltered

The previous generation dealt with all sorts of child-involved scares, from kidnappers to faulty car seats. Now, millennials are the result of all that awareness and action, and it can have a positive influence in the workforce. They’re not jaded and cynical before they’ve even started, but bring a fresh-eyed optimism that’s highly infectious. Millennials are aware that the world isn’t all peaches and cream, but their sheltered upbringing makes the atmosphere noticeably lighter.

Millennials are Team Players

All those hours spent playing video games and sports has finally paid off, as millennials are the most prominent. They’re willing to put aside their own egos and individual accomplishments for the greater good, and understand that others have valued contributions they may not have thought of on their own.

The next time you think of millennials, take a second to realize that the media doesn’t always portray them in the fairest light. They have their good qualities and faults just like any other generation, and millennials have plenty to contribute to in the workforce.


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