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The Real Way To Make Money From Home

If you’re looking for a job in which you can work and make great money from the comfort of your home, stop what you are doing and listen up now.

So many sites and businesses will tell you about ways you can make money from home, but how many of these things actually work. From sales calls that lead to annoyed customers and no commission, to door to door sales, these jobs are stressful, and unsatisfactory.

If you’ve tried, and failed, to work from home with a successful job, here are some opportunities that you will actually enjoy and that can make you real money to support your household:

Take Online Surveys

If you don’t mind getting asked some repetitive answers and giving your honest opinion, you can actually make some fast money in an easy and convenient way. Companies and businesses rely on surveys to ensure that their customers are happy and that the public’s opinion of their business is what they want it to be. With your feedback, they intend to improve their company. With these surveys you are not only helping out yourself by making some quick cash with many businesses offering up to $50 per survey, but you will be helping out companies by giving your honest feedback so they can improve their service. Taking online surveys is a rewarding job you can do on your own time, and even as a side job for some extra cash.

Be An Online Craft Mogul

If arts and crafts are your bread and butter, you can actually put your hobby to good use and make some solid cash from your masterpieces. On sites like eBay, Etsy and Pinterest, you can now sell your handmade pieces for a profit. Everything from painted canvases to hand-knit apparel, to decorated mason jars, these outlets allow people to showcase their craftsmanship and make money by selling their pieces. People love the homemade look of decorations, yet many do not have the talent you do. So you can even take requests for specific pieces to be made, and then make a fair price for them to pay you for those goods. If crafting is something you enjoy, why not get paid for doing your favorite hobby. You likely already own enough handmade crafts anyway, so why not share your talent with the world?

Test Websites

How many times have you opened up a website only to find that you have no idea how to navigate it and find yourself just exiting it immediately? This is the exact thing that companies with websites want to avoid, so now many sites are testing out their webpages to ensure customer satisfaction. The best part about this, is that you can volunteer to help test out these sites, explore their pages, and leave feedback, and get paid for your services! Companies will pay up to $30 an hour for individuals to test their websites and give competent feedback as to what should be changed. Your time will help the businesses improve their sites, and will also give you a little extra cash. Not a bad way to make some easy cash online.

Start an Online Tutoring Service

With the advancements in technology, you have a lot of options available to you as a scholar excelling in a certain subject. Through the use of webinars and tutorials, emails, messaging, and skype, you can tutor people from around the country, right from the comfort of your home. With a degree and expertise in a designated field, such as a specific subject or language, you can make solid cash by offering your teaching services online. You may be required to create lesson plans and make phone calls as well, but with an online tutoring gig you can make a solid income online. The average online tutor earns about $17 an hour. For something you can do right from your couch, this is great pay for an online job!

No longer are the days where working from home is a miserable excuse for a sales job. With these ways to make real money from home, you can earn money by making your hobby a job.


Tuesday, September 29, 2015 3:24 PM
Paid surveys online are a bunch of hooey!! I have tried several of them. Every one I have tried makes you take the survey and them to "qualify" to get paid you have to sign up for one of the "free" offers after the survey. 90 percent of the "free" offers require a credit card number and charge a fee. You cannot get paid until you give them your card number and agree to be billed. This is NOT making money this is SPENDING money.

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