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With the economy and all the new technology coming about, some of our jobs will be taken over by machines, or simply become irrelevant in the future.

To avoid starting a career in the wrong field, avoid these 6 dying careers:

Travel Agent

While travel itself is still thriving, the use of travel agents to plan these travels is becoming scarce. With new websites and packages that allow vacationers to book their own plans, travel agents are becoming obsolete. If you are a travel agent, or intend to become one, you may want to reconsider your career choice and pick something a little more sustainable. Don’t worry; you can still help your friends plan their vacations if this is really a passion of yours.

Mail Carrier

With the trend to become more eco-friendly, and use less paper, combined with the increase and advances in technology, email and other paper-less communication trends have become increasingly popular. In other words, “snail mail” will soon be a thing of the past. While postal workers used to have secure and well-paying jobs, but now the number of jobs are declining and the future of a career as a postal worker is looking grim.

Newspaper Reporter

Not many people read the newspaper anymore. If you’ve always aimed to write for a newspaper, you might want to rethink your profession, or at least get with the times. While news itself is not dying, the outlets are certainly changing. Our society is transitioning from print to online media formats. For writers and reporters, don’t see your eyes on print. Instead focus on improving your knowlegede of technology, social media, and online styles of writing, and you’ll be able to roll with the punches and the changes over time.


If building and putting together furniture is your job, you are soon to be ousted. Anyone can be a carpenter with easy-to-make desks and furniture made by stores like Target and Ikea. These stores are becoming popular, along with other nicer stores offering already made pieces of furniture to be delivered straight to your house. No one needs a middle man to create their furniture when they can see a design and buy it straight from the store, which is also typically much cheaper. Your handy man skills might still be useful, but a career in carpentry is probably not something to bet on.

Office Workers / Secretaries

If you have a typical office job in which you work to help around the office, organizing and filing paperwork and such, your job may not be around for much longer. Offices are becoming less crowded due to the amount of work that can be done online. If offices can find online programs to organize data, an office worker may just lose their job. This may be a great part-time job for now, but if you consider it your full-time career you hope to continue in the future, you should probably look into some other options as a backup.

Manufacturing Jobs

Factory workers have already seen the first cuts of this dying job. As technology is creating more efficient machines and robots, factories are letting go of more and more workers. The assembly lines are getting shorter and shorter, filled with machines instead of people, and that trend is only going to continue. If you currently work in a manufacturing factory, start looking into other job options before your company starts making cutbacks on employees.


If you are currently working in one of these positions, don’t stress; just check out our Career Resources, to help you find a more sustainable job.



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