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College can be extremely expensive and demanding. If you can afford to pay back the dreadful student loans, and would rather start working immediately, you can still get a great job without a degree.

Here are 5 great jobs you can get without a college degree.

Medical Records Technician-$35,000

If working in a hospital has always intrigued you, yet you don’t want to go through all the years of schooling, then you can work as a medical records technician. In this position, you would transcribe medical records, and ensure that patients’ records are up to date and correct to make sure they are getting the right treatment, and are also getting billed for the right amount. This job is extremely important considering that a mistake made could hurt a patient’s health, and also concerns their financial status. If you’re willing to take on the responsibility, you can work with doctors, nurses, and their patients as a medical records transcriber.

Paralegal Assistant-$47,000

You don’t need to go to law school, or even get an undergraduate degree to work in the field. As a paralegal assistant, you can work as an aid to an attorney, researching facts about cases, communicating with clients, and keeping track of cases and appointments by keeping the office organized. This is an extremely important job that can help improve the lawyer’s work and keep their office organized.


If you’ve always had a knack for putting things together and working with technology, then maybe you should consider a career as an electrician. This job requires no college degree, although special training may be required before you can jump into the job. As an electrician, you will help install appliances, fix technical issues, inspect current devices, and also work with management to consider the appliance and features that need to be added to new buildings and offices. If you’re confident in your skills and can fix up small appliances easily with steady hands, then this may be the perfect future career for you.

Real Estate Broker-$51,000

You might be surprised that the person who sold you the home you lived in may not have had a college degree. In this position, a college degree is optional, so with just a high school diploma, you too, can become a real estate broker. The only requirement is to get a broker’s license, which requires some courses, but is much less expensive and time consuming than a four-year degree. Once you have your license you can start buying and selling houses from clients with a realty agency, or through your own business. Your salary will depend on the success of your business, the market, and the quality of the homes you sell, but at an average yearly income of $51,000 a career as a real estate broker can make you a lot of money without a college degree.

Power Lineman-$65,000

If you’re not afraid of heights, and don’t mind being outdoors a career as a power lineman may be calling your name. This job does not require a college degree, just training courses, as well as paid on the job training before becoming a certified power lineman. In this position, workers install power lines, and manually fix technical issues with these installments. This work can be in various weather conditions, and require workers to climb, of get lifted, to the tops of these power lines to fix these poles by hand. Safety is a main concern with this job, working at extreme heights, with extreme levels of electricity that can be deadly, but if you are up for the risk you can enter this job at $50,000 and work to make an average salary of $65,000, all without a college degree.


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Tuesday, September 15, 2015 6:16 PM
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