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6 Companies With The Best Employee Benefits


You’re currently stuck working an awful 9 to 5 job with no paid time off, no health care, and no additional bonuses or benefits to show for it. So why bust your butt working hard when you’re not getting the benefits you deserve?

Instead, apply for a job with one of these great companies, which provide their employees with the best benefits:


Employees of the software company are spoiled with awesome benefits, which inspire them to continue working hard and moving the company forward. Microsoft has an envious medical healthcare plan for employees, providing all they could possibly need to stay safe and healthy. They also ensure that the employees have their future savings aligned with 401K plans, and investment programs to get the most savings for the future. While the serious stuff is taken care of, Microsoft also provides additional fun benefits for employees, like free food and beverages, on-site recreation centers and gyms, free transportation to and from work, and more. Microsoft even offers flexible work hours so employees can choose their own individual schedules, based on their personal preferences, pleasing both night owls, and early birds with bustling life schedules. A job with Microsoft will be one you want to keep for life.


LinkedIn not only knows how to connect others with jobs and employment opportunities, but knows how to hook up their own employees as well. A job working for LinkedIn will get you great perks, like free fitness classes, financial stipends for education, an awesome office environment equipped with free drinks, a Health club, and time off to volunteer. The altruistic company will even give up to $10,000, and provide free organizational service to charities of which employees are passionate about and choose to request funds for. The company also takes care of the more traditional benefits, like retirement and severance packages, stock investment, and healthcare services to ensure the well-being of employees.


Whether you are working in the office, or as a salesperson in one of the store, Verizon provides great benefits for employees of all levels. A job with Verizon will get you a great medical care plan, and a 401K investment that will help provide you with financial security in the future. Also, employees get discounts on goods, and let’s face it -- technology can be costly, so this helps a lot. For working parents in need of child care to watch their kids, Verizon even helps parents seek out the best childcare programs around, and has a Dependent Care Spending Account, which helps employees pay for daycare services on a before tax basis, so that they can get the best care without having to worry about the cost. Other great perks for Verizon employees includes free fitness facility memberships, tuition reimbursement for furthering your education, and lots of paid time off to keep employees working their hardest, yet staying healthy and thriving.


No list of great companies is complete without the addition of Google. An overall fantastic company in both growth, methods, and employees, this brilliant business knows how to keep its employees happy, healthy, and hardworking with amazing benefits on and off the job. Google provides employees with awesome on-site benefits like free gourmet food, haircuts, exercise facilities and personal training, and more. Employees are even allowed to bring their pets on-campus, to play with and comfort them throughout the day, as long as they are cleaned up after! But the benefits don’t stop there. Google also makes sure that employees have a secure 401K, and health benefits to provide them with everything they need. Also, maternity and paternity leaves are graciously accepted with plenty of allocated paid time off. The environment of the company can already be perceived as a benefits, so working for Google, doesn’t really seem like work at all!


These search engine companies know how to run a business with employees who are truly motivated. Yahoo ensures that their employees are always mentally stable and thriving in order to get motivated and successful employees. Yahoo employees receive sweet on-site benefits like break rooms with gym equipment and sport courts to relive stress and energy throughout the day. The employees have also received free concerts and social events after hours to enhance their experience with the company, and let them know that they are appreciated. Along with a great work environment, the Yahoo employees also get plenty of paid vacation time off, sick leaves, and maternity/paternity, and adoption leave. Employees do get reimbursed for tuition fees, and have stock options and healthcare coverage to provide them with financial security. But for employees with families, the best perk is the on-campus day-care facility, making it easy and comforting to have your children right on campus where you can conveniently drop them off and pick them up without having to add to your commute. Yahoo looks out for its employees in all areas.


Of course, one of the leading startups is backed with motivated employees who love their jobs, and their benefits. The Facebook Corporation supplies their employees with amazing perks like free food on the daily, gym memberships, dry cleaning options, three paid weeks off for vacation, paid maternity or paternity leaves, and inclusive medical and dental benefits, covering the entire bills of their employees. When it comes to health, Facebook truly exceeds other companies, by including a full dental office and doctor’s office within their 57 acres campus, for employees to get regular checkups without even having to leave the office. The list of perks for working at Facebook continues to impress, but with this sweet taste of the benefits, you can only assume that a job With Facebook will be extremely rewarding.

These extremely successful companies know that success stars form the bottom-up, with happy and thriving employees. So find a job with one of these awesome companies to work a job that you will love, with great benefits.


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