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Get Noticed Online With These 5 Free Resources To Make A Digital Resume That Stands Out


You’re beginning the job search, but before you start you really need to make sure your resume is optimized to get the best results, and in a format where people can access it at any time on the web.

Not to worry, you don’t have to edit it and figure it all out by yourself. There are some awesome resources available to you to help you improve your resume and get a job. And guess what, many of them are free to use!

Check out these 5 free resources to help you make a digital resume:


This popular site for online resumes is highly-rated, and for good reason.VisualCV allows users to design and use customer templates to show off information in a visually aesthetic way that gives employers a taste of their personality, in a completely professional setting. Users can also upload multimedia pieces of content to enhance their resumes. One the best features of VisualCV’s Resumes, however, is the ability to track views, and downloads, to see when people are looking at your resume, so that you can reach out to the people who have looked and can find out how to better improve your qualifications. What more could you ask for from a digital resume service? is a great free resource that allows people to easily sign up via Facebook or LinkedIn, before creating a digital resume to share with the world. You can choose to upload information directly from your other social media accounts, to save time, and personalize your resume with different formatting options. also offers client specific statistics about who has visited your page to view your digital resume, and what aspects of your site they focused on and clicked on to see more information. This helps users to see what is most impressive to focus on in their resume, so that they get the best results. is motivated to help professionals find work with their easy-to-use service.

Resume Baking

On, you can create a free resume that can be electronically published, shared through social media, or even printed for a hard copy. This site has tools like statistics and tips to help improve your resume and see what works. The site also offers additional services to users, like job postings to see what places are hiring, and notifications of jobs near you that fit your resume. With these awesome features, you’ll get hired in no time with Resume Baking.


Some of the best digital resumes are shared and discovered via social media, so an impressive resume with an attractive style that will fare well on social networking sites is in high demand. On, you can create a resume that will be optimized for social media use and SEO rankings, and can be finished in just a few minutes. This service is free for basic users, but there are also options to upgrade to a premium account to access more resume templates. But with any account, your resume will have information that you can upload directly from LinkedIn, and then you get to choose the design and presentation of the information. Videos, photos, and documents can also be uploaded to supplement your resume. For a resume that will gain and grasp the attention of fellow social media users, try out the free services from DoYouBuzz.

Nowadays, that lame old resume with no color, and a dull list of qualifications is not going to get you noticed, especially not online. For a digital resume that is exciting and innovative, try services allow you to create an infographic resume, through an easy-to-use service that is completely free. You can choose to sign up through Facebook, or through email to upload information and log in quickly o get started with your webpage. Here you can include typical resume qualifications, and more, like charts, statistics, and timeline to visually enhance your page and get your resume the attention it deserves!

Get going on your digital resume through one of these awesome resources right away, and you’ll get hired in no time!


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