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5 Strangest Jobs With Decent Incomes


As a society, we can be a bit judgmental at times. But sometimes the grass really is greener on the other side. So don’t overlook these unconventional jobs that can actually make you a decent living. You may just find the perfect job for you.

Here are 5 of the strangest jobs with decent incomes:

Crab Fisherman-$45,000 (For A Three-month Period)

If braving the open waters, and dealing with critters that pinch and crawl yet make for an appetizing meal, a job as a crab fisherman can make you a decent salary, for only working a few months of the year. These fisherman make anywhere between $10,000 and $20,000 a month, and work for three months of the year to catch these crabs. This is not an easy job, and is known for being quite dangerous, as well, so the pay is definitely fair for only working a few months of the year. To supplement their incomes, these crab fisherman often take up other seasonal jobs, with their work allowances, that help them make a great annual income.

Bereavement Coordinator-$53,000

Somebody has to be the bearer of bad news, so people need to know how to handle these situations and say and do the right things. That is where bereavement coordinators come in. These managers help people cope with bad news, like death, tragedies, or terminal illnesses, and work with social workers to make sure the situations are being handled correctly to ensure secure mental health, and get people back on track after coping with such tragedies. This is an overlooked, yet extremely important job, and with such stressful and depressing job requirements, these coordinators deserve a decent income. At $53,000 the median salary of a bereavement coordinator makes a great living for someone who helps others to continue living and thriving in their everyday lives.

Golf Ball Diver-$65,000

Do you ever wonder what happens to those sad golf balls that end up in the lakes and ponds, as a result of your poor golfing skills? Well, these balls don’t just disintegrate, or built up within these bodies of water. Someone is sent to fish them out. Professional golf ball divers have to dive into these waters and brave the conditions to fetch out the mis-putt balls that were lost. This may sound like an easy job, but consider the golf courses you’ve visited. These ponds and lakes often include snakes, fish, turtles, and depending on your regions, even alligators, that the divers must safely avoid in their search for the sunken gold balls. How many people would dive into a swamp to fetch a few measly golf balls when your livelihood is at stake? Not that many. So that’s why these workers receive a respectable median pay of about $65,000. This can vary based on the location, the need, and the amount of balls fetched, as some locations pay per ball. But if you enjoy the water, and have the guts to do it, this could make for an oddly satisfying job.

Professional Snuggler- $60/An Hour

After a long, hard day, sometimes we just need a hug, or better yet, some cuddles. If you are lonely, and have no one to cuddle with for free, you can now pay someone to snuggle with, for an hour or so. This may be a weird concept, but people actually make good money doing this, charging about $60 for an hour’s worth of cuddles. In this job you just get to lie in bed with strangers, and get paid for as many cuddle sessions as you schedule. Now, to ensure no funny business, these professional snugglers have strict rules of where the snugglers can and cannot touch, and there is no inappropriateness involved. Professional snuggling is a serious business with serious pay, so don’t judge what you don’t understand.

Navy Submarine Cook-$187,000

This extremely well-paying job is only for those who can handle it, but if you have the heart, the skills, and the mindset to handle being underwater for half of the year, you can get a job as a submarine cook for Navy vessels, and travel under the seas, preparing meals for hundreds of marines. Sure, cooking may come easily to you, but to be a submarine cook, there is a lot more though that goes into preparing theses meals, you need to consider the weight and density of certain foods, to ensure that the ship stays at the level it should be. This actually can have a big impact on the boat. Also, you need to keep these marines satisfied and ready to rock in case they are sent off to duty, so you have a lot of responsibility riding on you. But if you can take all of this, you get to take home a hefty paycheck, of about $187,000 if you work in Australia, according to Forbes.com, but the pay rates are still pretty high in other major countries as well.


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