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5 Jobs With The Happiest Workers


Retirement is a while away. You may be working hard to earn the big bucks, but is the money worth it if you dread going to work each morning? Why be miserable working your butt off at a hard and dissatisfying job when you can get a job with decent pay that you actually don’t mind coming in to work for?

For your career, you should consider these 5 jobs with the happiest workers:


For those who love to cook, and create new recipes, a job as a chef will be extremely fulfilling. Here you get to be creative, and work to provide great food for customers, while also experimenting to find new recipes. While some of the four and five star restaurants may have very competitive and demanding environments, these chefs enjoy the excitement and strive to improve their cooking skills. If you work your way up to a job as an executive chef, you can earn about $50,000 a year on average, so the money won’t be bad either. If you are a great cook and you wish to turn it into a career, then you are looking at a lifetime of good food and a job that you look forward to doing.


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If problem solving and brainstorming to create new things are two things you enjoy doing, you may want to consider a career as an engineer. Engineers tend to have more freedom doing what they do best, and the opportunities are endless. From web engineers to mechanical engineers. There is a high demand for this job. Also, the pay will keep you happy too. With an average income of $78,000 engineers have a lot to be happy about, and are considered to be some of the happiest employees in the nation.

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Web Developers

Web development is a growing field, and so far the workers seem to be pretty happy using their creative sense and making a decent salary. The median pay of web developers is about $64,000, making the career a great paying position to consider if you have a vast knowledge of technology and design. Web developers work to design websites to make them function and get the site traffic they need to be successful. It can be a tough job, but with an interest in technology and easy people skills, this job will be a fulfilling one that you will get invested in.

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Yes, nursing can be an extremely demanding job, with long hours, and stressful work, but it is also extremely fulfilling. Nurses go into the medical field because they love helping people and they get the satisfaction of working with people, and comforting them. Some of the happiest nurses are pediatric nurses, who work with children, comforting them in times of sickness and surgeries and providing them with medical help. This job certainly isn’t easy, but it is rewarding and exciting, and most current nurses can agree on that.

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Executive Recruiter

The term executive recruiter is simply a fancier way of saying a head hunter in search of professionals with talent who could fulfill certain job positions within corporate companies. These head hunters receive decent pay, and get to seek out professionals through research, then work to persuade them into filling a certain position. If you have good people skills, as well as communication and persuasive speaking skills, and can work to negotiate a deal, you can work toward a career as an executive recruiter. This field seems to produce happy employees who are satisfied with their pay (about $70,000 average salary) as well as their flexibility in hours, and are passionate about their jobs.

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