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6 Highest Paying Companies You Should Apply To Work For


Sometimes we just don’t get the credit we deserve. Literally.

But a job with one of these highest paying companies will get you the salary you want for all the hard work you put in.

So check out these 6 highest paying companies you should apply for now, in order to get the income you deserve:


The online retailer and bidding site works hard to keep customers happy, so their efforts deserve decent compensation as well. EBay provide their employees with benefits like discount on insurance, paid time off, and sabbatical, free rides to work, and awesome retirement plans. And don’t worry to match the great benefits, the employees also receive an income fit of the brand. At an average compensation of $118,000 a year, employees are happy and hardworking at eBay.


With a young CEO, it’s not surprising that Facebook is perceived as a cool workplace. From office perks like free meals, extra gifts, office parties, and paid time off, Facebook provides the best for its employees. And the benefits don’t stop there. Facebook has an average salary of $135,000 for its employees. It’s no wonder that the company is doing so well, with motivated employees who love their jobs, and their benefits. More companies should follow the lead of Facebook.


A job working for Microsoft requires a forward thinking applicant with a strong knowledge of technology, but with your smarts and creative mind you can land a job at an awesome company that pays its employees very well. Microsoft is a leading computer software company that is continuously working to improve their service, and creates computer software and mobile applications that users will love. This requires hard work, so Microsoft makes sure to honor their employees with a salary that rewards their efforts. At a median compensation of $123,000, Microsoft is one of the highest paying companies.


Surely, you’ve heard about the playhouse, I mean office, that Google has created for their employees. This is one of the most creative and fun workplaces, that strives to be a place that employees love to be and work hard as a result. If the awesome atmosphere and company perks like free meals, rides to work, gym memberships, and more. On top of that, Google proves amazing insurance for employees, and awesome salaries averaging at about $143,000. Considering how much money the employees save with their perks this large sum is even nicer! With the way Google treats their employees, they will surely have hard workers, motivated to improve the company for years to come.


A leading name in web connection, Mozilla also has a leading salary for employees. With a median compensation of about $147,000, Mozilla works to provide employees with a respectable pay that keeps them motivated and working hard to keep the company moving forward. Mozilla is also a company known for their great office atmosphere, providing employees with benefits like extra vacation time, free food, and other awesome opportunities to improve the quality of work in the office. Mozilla looks out for their employees, so a job with them would be a great improvement to your life.


Everybody’s dream job just got even better. As if Netflix wasn’t already an esteemed company due to its amazing unlimited vacation policy and employee perks, the company excels all around with a high compensation to add to the list. The median salary of a Netflix employee is $180,000 a year, making Netflix one of the best companies to work for. With a great service, an awesome atmosphere, employee perks, and fantastic pay, Netflix just can’t be beat.

Employees receive great pay and great benefits at these highest paying companies. Looks like it’s about time you apply…


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