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7 Major U.S. Cities And The Best Industries To Work In Them

If there aren't a lot of hiring opportunities for your given field in your hometown, you might just be in the wrong city. Although America is still coming out of its recession, companies are hiring steadily each month and November saw a banner 321,000 jobs added in the US. These seven major cities aren't just seeing great job growth overall, they have hiring-hungry industries waiting to employ you.

Austin, Texas

If you are in the healthcare field, you should head over to Austin, Texas. Out of 372 of the highest growth cities, Austin was #6 in projected job growth and only has an unemployment rate of 6.3%. The government and University of Texas have been known as the city’s largest employers, but now the healthcare field is growing in Austin in a major way, with a big demand for healthcare professionals. The average commute time is about 20 minutes, the cost of living isn’t high, and you can likely find work at St’ David’s Healthcare, Cornerstone Hospital, or Austin State Hospital.

The technology industry is also growing in Austin, as evidence by data collected from 2001 to 2013. Since 2001, tech companies have expanded their employment by nearly a half, and companies like Visa, Time Warner Cable, and AT&T have plans for even more expansion. These companies have also seen a 17% increase of employees from the science, engineering, and mathematics fields. It shouldn’t be such a surprise, since Austin is the hometown of Dell. Austin’s affordability combined with its strong tech employment and room for hiring growth leave it the best city to go to for anyone in the technology field.

Chicago, Illinois

If you want to work in cinema production, Chicago is your town. Most recently infamous for starring as the setting of “Gotham” in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, Chicago is used to hosting film projects. Moviemaker.com placed Chicago at the top of its list for “Best Places to Live and Work as a Moviemaker in 2014,” due in part to the city’s film production tax credit, and the fact that it was home to 235 film projects in 2012. Its living costs are never expensive enough to compare with the most expensive cities in America like New York or San Francisco, so all you have to do is show up and make some movie magic.

Los Angeles, California

You might expect Los Angeles to be mentioned as the best place to go for a film or music career, but it’s actually a great city to land a job with criminal justice. Unfortunately the city has a high murder rate, but that just means high prospects for employment – the LA metropolitan area consists of over 4,000 criminal justice employees, including policemen, forensics, legal assistants, etc. LA also has some of the highest hourly wages for criminal justice jobs in the country. You can enjoy the sunshine and celebrity sightings by day, and catch criminals by night. What else do you need?

New York City, New York

New York City has been determined as the best American city for accountants. It was chosen based on various factors, including average salary ($69,800), how competitive the accountant market was, and even how long it took most of the accountants to commute to work. New York is overall an expensive city to live in, but it gives accountants opportunities to work for either big or small companies, or even work independently with their own clients if they choose.

Raleigh, North Carolina

Accounting Principles has assembled its list of 10 Best Cities in Financial Services, and Raleigh, North Carolina moved from its third place in 2013 to number one this year. Raleigh was chosen based on its job placement growth, the overall economic environment, and the fact that its business costs are 18% below the national average. The finance industry has been given a boost by the technology industry, which helped provide finance jobs outside of the usual firms.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City may seem like a random place to have growing job growth in the economic field, but it’s being called the “Wall Street of the West.” It has a low median age of employment – 29 years old – and is the fourth fastest growing job area in the US this year. This success is helped by the fact that several global investment banks like Goldman Sachs have set up shop in Salt Lake City. These banks provide employment opportunities that help to make Salt Lake City a place of significant job growth, which is fortunate because the living costs are a bit higher than the national average.

Washington, D.C.

Washington isn’t just for politicians and lobbyists. With so many political bigwigs, the city has need for people who can work in public relations, resulting in the highest concentration of jobs for those in the public relations field. Being a PR person in Washington pays well, too – instead of making the average American PR worker’s salary of $46,000, you’ll be making almost double that at $81,000. If you’re just starting out and need experience, plenty of companies offer internships, and you’re three times more likely to be able to find a real job afterwards than anywhere else in America. With more pay and a higher chance of finding a job, there’s no city that can offer a PR Specialist more than Washington can.


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