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The 10 Most In-Demand Jobs of 2015

2014 is coming to a close, and there's already information on what jobs specifically will be the most in-demand next year. If you’re looking to start the new year with a new job, you’re in luck: CareerBuilder teamed up with Economic Modeling Specialists Inc. to analyze the data and rank each career by supply and demand. Below are the top 10 jobs for 2015:


1 - Marketing Executive

Average monthly unique job postings: 34,613

Median annual pay: $119,433

A marketing executive is responsible for putting together a campaign to promote a company’s product or idea. This means that they oversee research, planning, budgeting, public relations, advertising, and more. You will know how to analyze various data in the form of demographics, sales figures, and your competition to better promote your product. A college degree is required, preferably with a background in studying marketing, business, advertising, etc.

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2 - Software Developer, Applications

Average monthly unique job postings: 52,700

Median annual pay: $92,892

A software developer must have strong computer skills, to start. You will also have to be able to communicate with clients and companies so you can customize software to their specifications.You can get into a more specific field with software is made specifically for smartphones, accountants, graphics, etc. If you are a good problem-solver, you will find success as a software developer, although to start off a Bachelor’s degree in math, computer engineering, or computer science is helpful.

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3 - Registered Nurse

Average monthly unique job postings: 122,922

Median annual pay: $67,620

A registered nurse has many responsibilities, from being able to work alongside a doctor to advocating for a patient and their family. They also educate the patient and their families on the illness or injury at hand, provide support, and coordinate patient care. To be a registered nurse, you must have graduated from a nursing program and passed the national licensing exam.

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4 - Industrial Engineer

Average monthly unique job postings: 26,031

Median annual pay: $81,036

An “industrial engineer” is one of those jobs we all have a vague understanding of, without necessarily knowing the specifics. An industrial engineer actually uses science, math, and engineering together to improve systematic processes. What system they are sought out to improve depends on the company that hires them for consultation. A bachelor’s in industrial engineering is a good way to begin your career.

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5 - Network and Computer System Administrator

Average monthly unique job postings: 35,788

Median annual pay: $74,547

An entry-level network and computer system administrator only needs a bachelor's degree related to computer or information science to start. They are responsible for organizing and supporting the data communications systems for the company they work for.

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6 - Web Developer

Average monthly unique job postings: 30,108

Median annual pay: $58,281

The web developer is responsible for the look of a company’s webpage. This includes its design, coding, and making sure that it is functional as well as appealing. A bachelor’s in a technical field is preferred, and you can get other professional certifications as well.

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7 - Medical and Health Services Manager

Average monthly unique job postings: 27,696

Median annual pay: $90,708

A medical and health services manager is also called a healthcare administrator, as they are in charge of the medical services in their place of work. Whether they are overseeing a type of facility or a single department, they must make changes in policy as technology and healthcare laws change. You must at least have a bachelor’s degree to start, although it depends on the facility’s preference; having a master’s in becoming more common.

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8 - Physical Therapist

Average monthly unique job postings: 24,425

Median annual pay: $80,350

A physical therapist works with injured patients to help them regain control and use of their injured parts, whether the injury is short-term or chronic. They must have extensive medical knowledge to know how to push the strained muscle or limb without injuring it further. Physical therapists must be licensed, and have a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree.

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9 - Speech-Language Pathologist

Average monthly unique job postings: 15,113

Median annual pay: $70,720

Also known as a speech therapist, this career works with individuals who have trouble with their speech, whether it is due to pronunciation problems, voice disorders, or even difficulty swallowing. Different states require speech pathologists to be licensed, but they usually need a master’s degree at the least.

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10 - Sales Manager

Average monthly unique job postings: 28,589

Median annual pay: $106,038

A sales manager oversees the sales team, and is in charge of hiring and firing its members. Day-to-day they make sure that their team is a success by making sure that the goals they make are being met, training new members, making a sales plan, and so on. Before becoming a sales manager one must have their bachelor’s and experience in sales.

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