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5 Tips for Writing a Resume Objective

The resume objective is the very first section of your resume below your personal information. The reason an objective exists is because it acts as a summary of your experience and also briefly details your professional goals. This should include your basic career goals and also be tailored to the job you are applying for. Here are some helpful tips for writing a great objective.

Explain How You Benefit the Company

The first step of your objective is to show exactly how hiring you would benefit the employer or the company as a whole. This should include some experience or skills that make you the perfect candidate for the position. Instead of listing work you have done, showcase the actual benefits of you working for their company. This is where you talk about your most unique skills.

Avoid Being Too Vague

While you don’t want the objective to fill up half your resume’s length, it should also not be too vague. Show that you took your time and really thought it through, rather than writing it in five minutes without another thought. If you don’t say anything of worth to the hiring manager, they won’t give your resume much attention before moving on to the next. Include some details about your goals and career aspirations when writing the career objective.

Target Your Objective

To catch the attention of the right recruiters and hiring manager, make sure you are targeting your objective properly. Even on job boards, the objective is used to reach certain recruiters. Hiring managers don’t want to go through hundreds of resumes for people not even within the right goals or experience. Be clear and concise in your objective about what you’re looking for and what your career goals are. It makes it easy to find the right job and for them to find you.

Personalize Each Objective

It is essential that each career objective be personalized according to that career goal and how relevant it is to the job you are applying for. If you are applying to be an accountant as well as a financial advisor because you have skills matching both of these goals, you should have separate objectives for each. Make sure to send the right resume for the right jobs for targeting purposes.

Proofread the Objective

Once you have completed the career objective and are satisfied with it, reread it out loud to look for any inconsistencies. Find any errors in it, such as spelling, grammatical or sentence structure issues. Have someone else look at it if you don’t feel confident in your own editing skills. Just reading it out loud to yourself can help you catch a lot of problems.

Your objective is going to be the first thing hiring managers notice when looking at your resume, and will make them want to consider you. It is important to take your time writing it and getting it perfect.


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