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5 Ways to Find Summer Employment

Need a job this summer? You have a lot of competition, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a great job. There are many opportunities out there for hard-working individuals, even if you don’t have any work experience. Whether you are a teacher looking for summer employment or a student who needs some extra money while you are out of school, there are many jobs available during the summer. Follow these tips to be on your way to the perfect summer job.

Start Looking Now

The first tip is to not wait too long before you start looking. The majority of people looking for summer jobs will wait until their first week off, then start filling out applications. Beat your competition by looking early. A few weeks before school lets out for the summer, begin looking online and at local retail stores or restaurants. Get your resume ready to send out and submit applications to the places you’re interested in. If you have a full or part time job prior to summer, consider working a few hours before summer begins as many companies like to hire early.

Look Online

Gone are the days when the only way you could find a job is by walking around your neighborhood and giving applications to anyone and everyone. You can get employers finding you but announcing your desire for a summer job with your social media networks. Announce that you’re looking for work on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and any others you belong to. Remember potential employers are going to read all your activity, so keep it respectful. Remember connecting with people you know can also help you find a job.

Ask Previous Summer Employers

If you recently were employed part-time, such as nights and weekends or the summer previous, contact them first. It is most likely a company that tends to hire seasonal workers, and you have a better shot of being hired than someone brand new. Give them a call and let them know you’re available again.

Practice Interview Skills

Practice your interview skills by interviewing in front of a mirror or a family member. Have them ask you common questions an interviewer would ask. This gives you practice in answering the questions, and helps you to work on your body language, making eye contact and sitting up straight. Treat it like a real interview, including dressing professionally.

Be Open Minded with Scheduling

As you begin applying for summer jobs, they are going to want to know you have an open schedule. Be willing to work any hours you’re able, including nights and weekends. The perk for companies hiring during the summer, is that school doesn’t get in the way of their employee’s work schedule. If you want a summer job, you should be willing to put in the extra time.

Getting summer employment is as easy as starting early, letting your availability be known and acting professional during your interview. Good luck on finding the ideal summer job.


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