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6 Surprising Interview Tips

Job seekers are often ecstatic to get past the application process for a new position, but become nervous when interview time comes. It can be exciting getting called in for an interview, but also a nerve-wracking process. Even if you are nervous, you can ace your interview by following these six essential tips. Remember that the more prepared you are, the more comfortable you will feel during the interview.

Don’t Talk About the Interview Too Soon

Talking about a job interview too quickly can really hurt your reputation with the company. Never talk about how the interview went before leaving the building. You don’t want to appear overly confident and get caught in the company bathroom talking about the interview when the recruiter is in one of the stalls. You should also be careful what you say on social media.

Keep Your Social Media Clean

Believe it or not, recruiters or interviewers are going to be looking at your social media content. They want to see that you are serious about your professional career, talk about your accomplishments and retweet or like other major contributors of your industry. Avoid constant “selfies,” swearing and other inappropriate behavior for public social media accounts, like your Twitter account.

Avoid Being Overly Casual

When you are being interviewed by someone who you feel comfortable with, it can be tempting to become more casual than you should. Even if you and the interviewer are getting along, be careful what you say. An occasional joke is okay, but don’t go overboard or start becoming too casual and friendly.

Talk About the Position

If you want to have a discussion about the position or company during the interview, feel free to do so, but avoid talking about the perks. Don’t mention the benefits you get by working there, such as compensation or their health insurance plan, and instead focus your conversation on the job you will be paid to do.

Arrive With Only the Necessities

Try not to bring too much stuff into your interview. It becomes distracting and shows the interviewer it is simply another stop on your way to do other important things. If you are also shopping in the area, leave your bags in the car or somewhere safe if you didn’t drive to the interview. Never go in with more than your purse or briefcase. You should also not bring your morning snack or cup of coffee.

Give a Good First Impression

The way you dress makes a significant impact on how you appear to the interviewer before they even shake your hand or introduce themselves. Arrive appropriately dressed in order to make a great first impression. If you need to, borrow or rent a professional suit or outfit to the interview. It helps to know the company’s dress code beforehand.

As long as you keep these tips in mind, you will be able to ace your interview. Many of these aren’t ones you hear all that often, but are just as important as other interview tips you read about.


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