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Summary of Energy Auditor Position

An energy auditor is responsible for performing audits of process systems, building systems, and buildings. They may also provide investment grade audits of buildings and their systems. The individual who works in this position should be able to problem solve under pressure and think of solutions on a fast basis. This position would be ideal for someone who is interested in technology and learning about some of the innovative options that are available in the energy industry. It would also be an ideal option for someone who is seeking to become part of an industry that is still rapidly growing and is likely to continue to maintain growth for the next few decades.


Individual should be able to quantify energy consumption in order to establish the baselines for energy need or use. They should recommend energy efficient technology and other energy sources, if possible. Other tasks might include performing tests to locate air leaks, collecting and analyzing field data related to energy usage, preparing audit reports that contain energy analysis results or recommendations for energy cost savings, inspecting buildings, or calculating the potential for energy savings in the area.


The individual should have knowledge of the content and structure of the English language, such as the spelling and meaning of words, rules of composition, and general grammar. They should have knowledge of the principles and key elements of providing customer support and personal services. This would include assessment of customer needs, being able to meet quality standards for services, and being able to provide an evaluation of customer satisfaction. Knowledge of media production and communication is vital. They would include alternative ways to be able to inform and communicate via the use of oral, written, and visual media. Knowledge of management and business principles is useful. These principles should be involved in resource allocation, strategic planning, human resources modeling, production methods, leadership technique, and the coordination of resources.


Those interested in working within this role should have a variety of abilities. These can include, but are not limited to inductive reasoning, fluency of ideas, deductive reasoning, speech recognition, problem sensitivity, written comprehension, oral comprehension, written expression, speech clarity, and oral expression. Individuals should have a vast array of skills as well. Typical skills necessary include social perceptiveness, writing, coordination, critical thinking, judgment and decision making, complex problem solving, persuasion, reading comprehension, active listening and fluent speaking.

Work Activities

There are an array of responsibilities associated with this position. The individual will have to be able to develop constructive and cooperative working relationships with those in their workplace. They will need to be able to maintain them over time. Providing information to supervisors and coworkers on a regular basis via email, written format, telephone, or in person is generally required. The individual should be able to think creatively in the development of different aspects of the role. They should be able to research information and keep track of new information as it is discovered or provided.


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