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Employment for Public Relations Master’s Degree


Public relations is an important part of how people and businesses are able to handle information and influence the perception that the public may hold about their interactions. Public relations specialists handle organization messages involving community, media, consumer, governmental, and industry communications. A public relations program provides the training for the many aspects of public relations, such as handling press releases, interacting with the media, managing speaking engagements, talking points, preparing speeches, and working as the intermediary between the public and the employer.

Career Options

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted that public relations is going to grow significantly over the period of the next decade. There will be over a quarter million positions that will be available in the industry. Public relations specialists are known for working as advocates for a variety of different organizations. They may work for nonprofits, universities, businesses, and even hospitals. Having a higher degree in public relations would provide individuals with great opportunities for finding jobs and being able to earn high and competitive salaries. Public relations specialists that work within the petroleum and coal product manufacturing industries are known to have the highest median salary for this position.


The typical median salary for someone who is working within public relations is around $47,000. Even at some of the most entry level positions, the job pays fairly well and people who are working within the industry can be confident that their salary will only continue to improve and grow based on their experience. Having a strong education within this field means that individuals will be able to work in some of the higher paying positions that are available without having to start from the initial entry level position.

Further Education

Students typically major in public relations, advertising, journalism, or communication during their time spent as college undergraduates. When they are finished, they advance towards a master’s degree in public relations. Having a master’s degree in public relations or a related field is necessary in order to get into some of the higher level and in demand public relations jobs in the industry. Students can expect be involved in courses such as diversity and culture, social and ethical issues, historical perspectives, English composition, natural sciences, and many other unique and versatile courses.


A position in public relations can be an ideal option for someone who loves interacting with people and communicating with everyone on a regular basis. Someone who is imaginative and creative in their approach to handling marketing may also be able to benefit from working within this position. There are a variety of industries which work with public relations professionals on a frequent basis, which means that someone who is working with this field can be assured that they will always be in demand and that they will have a secure salary throughout the year. Public relations offers a wide variety of career options that can be considered. Discussing the full range of career opportunities with a career or job placement counselor may open new doors within the field.


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