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Employment for Health Informatics Associate’s Degree


The health informatics program is designed to combine information science, healthcare, and computer science all into the same degree program. This type of study provides the use of devices, resources, and various methods for storage, as well as retrieval, acquisition, and the use of information for healthcare and biomedicine fields. Students who are in this program will have the opportunity to become nurses, dental assistants, clinical care specialists, pharmacy technicians, biomedical research assistants, and public health officials.

Career Options

Individuals who attain their associate’s degree in health informatics will have the opportunity to begin their career in basic level informatics. However, it is greatly recommended that those who are serious about working within this field should pursue a bachelor, master, or doctorate degree. At the bachelor level, students will be able to find careers within private doctor’s offices, medical facilities, and hospitals. Since the major is focused on relating computer technology to healthcare fields, individuals can expect to find themselves working with doctors, CT techs, MRI techs, ultrasound techs, and other medical personnel.


The typical salary for an entry level position within health informatics as an engineer is around $54,000. Based on the amount of knowledge and skill that professionals within this industry must offer, it is reasonably fair amount in consideration of the amount of information science and computer science which plays a large role within the position. People who work within this industry have the confidence of knowing that because their work is so specialized within the industry, they have a fairly secure job. The salary only continues to grow based on the amount of experience or skill that the individual may have.

Further Education

Having an associate’s degree in health informatics is one of the very minimal options that someone interested in this area of opportunity could consider. Having a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree would be preferred for this role and would ensure that the individual would earn the highest salary that is associated with the position. It would also be necessary for those who are interested in eventually teaching the role of health informatics to other prospective professionals, which is when a master’s or doctoral degree may become more suitable.


This might be a great position for someone who is interested in relating computer science and informatics to the health industry and making an impact on the medical sector with their knowledge. This type of role is essential to healthcare because it ensures that there will always be new forms of technology that can be used for treating people and confronting some of the common concerns within healthcare. Because it is part of the healthcare and medical industry, people within this field have the security of knowing that their job is always going to be in demand and important to the rest of the industry. Remember, this particular degree offers several options within the medical sectors including possible freelance and work at home positions. With the educational background and some practical experience, the options vary and may offer the perfect mix of career and freelance opportunity.


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