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In Demand Jobs Even in Low Economies

No matter what the economy is like, there are some jobs that will always be available. People need to eat and have a place to live. Three is also the need for protection and help. If you are worried about keeping a career that will always be around, think about different public service jobs.

Firemen and Police

No matter how bad things get with the economy, there will be fires and there will be a need for police officers. In fact, the worse things get, these tow careers often are in more demand. As people start going to any lengths to get food and money, there needs to be more protection for the citizens. These jobs are always hiring and needing more people. They are not something just anyone can do and people tend to burn out on them.

Doctors, Nurses and the Medical Profession

People are going to get sick. Money has nothing to do with accidents, illness and disease. As the population ages, there is even more need for people in the medical professions to take care of the elderly. This means more jobs like home health aide and nursing assistants. Not all medical related jobs require a lot of school.


There can never be enough teachers to teach the children. Even with all the cut backs, the country still needs teachers. You can be a teacher for elementary, middle or high school to work with young people. I you have an advanced degree, you can work at the college or university level.


Businesses are still making money. Large businesses are making a lot of it. Someone needs to account for it all. Any type of business or finance degree will always be in need. Often, business owners know how to run their business but have no idea how to take care of the money parts of it.

Mailmen, Meter Readers and Utility Workers

Although the Internet has taken a lot of the burden from mail carriers in some ways, it has added to it in others. As more people order things online, more things are shipped and need to be delivered. All the utilities still need people to work in the offices and go out and do repairs, hook ups and read meters. These jobs may be hard to come by because the people who do them do not leave, but the will always be there.

There may not be a lot of fast food jobs or simple things you are used to, but there are jobs out there, available. Unemployment may be high but there are some things people just cannot do without. If you are just getting ready to enter the job force, consider where you want to be in five years. If you want a simple job, it will be harder to find. If you want a rewarding career that people depend on, start the process of getting the training.


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