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Benefits of Creating a Business Only Social Account

Social media is providing more than entertainment for personal users; it is giving business the opportunity for free advertising, networking, and connecting directly with consumers. As a business professional, you may find that you’re deciding between a business-only account or simply merging the two. Perhaps you own a very small business and aren’t sure if you need a separate account, or are a professional and want to use the same account for personal and networking purposes. While this is possible, there are also a lot of benefits to having a business-only social account on sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Keep Business Separate

This isn’t the first time you have been told the importance of keeping your business life separate from your personal life. The way you use your social media accounts is no exception. By having a separate business social media account, it is easier to distinguish the difference between the two, and remain professional when on your business account. Your followers and people you follow will also be different which can make it easier to keep the two parts of your life separate.

More Freedom on Personal Accounts

Since you need to remain professional on your business social account, if you separate them, you can be freer to post any updates or pictures you want on your personal account. Of course keep in mind, people can still see the account unless it is set to private. But it makes it easier to speak and share things more on a personal level when on your personal social account, and then post the more business-related posts on your business-only social accounts.


Another benefit to having a business-only social media account is that it offers more opportunities for networking and connecting with colleagues. To get ahead in the business world, regardless of your industry, you need to get more involved and network with others. This is much easier to do when you have a social media account specifically for business and networking purposes. You can better keep track of who you’re keeping in contact with and if you own a business, it helps you to communicate with consumers and customers.

Rewards and Promotions

If you own a business, having a social account for your business is essential. Since it is for your business, it should not be mixed with your personal account or people might get put off by it. However if you do create a business social account for Twitter or Facebook, you can also improve your business potential by posting things like sales, rewards and promotions. Furthermore, make them limited only to those who follow you on these social media sites to get followers.


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