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Tips for Writing a Job Proposal

Due to the recent economic crisis, the competition for employment is higher than ever before. Even if you’re qualified and have sufficient education and experience for the job, it won’t guarantee you get it. To beat the competition, you should write the best job proposal possible. This helps you stand out from other applicants and get your resume on top of their list.

About the Job Proposal

A job proposal will discuss with the prospective employer why you’re qualified for the position, why you’re interested in it, and what your achievements, experience, education or skills are that pertain to the job you’re applying for. It is usually sent after seeing a job posting on a job website or other advertisement. Send the proposal along with your application or resume.

Benefits of a Job Proposal

The job proposal will put you above your competition which is important when competing against dozens of other applicants. The majority of the applicants won’t do much other than submit their resume, so with a well thought out and written job proposal, you have gotten their attention.

What a Job Proposal should Include

There are some things you should include in your job proposal for it to be effective. This includes a formal business greeting, introduction to describe the purpose of the proposal, a short analysis of the company to show you have done your research, a mentioning of the position you’re applying for, your qualifications such as skills, experience or educational background, achievements and a closing statement.


The format you choose for the proposal is up to you, but keep in mind it should be simple, straightforward and easy to read. Use a basic font like Times New Roman or Arial, and don’t go over 12-point. Avoid fancy fonts or colored font. Make sure you run spell check and verify the sentence structure, spelling, and grammar is correct before sending it. Consistency is key for the format; if you choose single spacing in the beginning, it should be single spaced throughout. The same goes for double space or indentations. Keep the proposal as close to 1-2 pages as possible and never longer than 5 pages. Most employers prefer a 1-2 page resume and a 1-page proposal.

What not to Include

While you should use the job proposal as an opportunity to showcase your experience and talents, it shouldn’t be too long or too detailed. Only share experience and achievements pertaining to the job you’re applying for. The employer doesn’t need to know about how many goals you scored in your high school soccer career. Keep it brief and professional.


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