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How to Find Employment After College

You have spent the last four years or more in college, so now what? Just because you have a college degree doesn’t mean an employer is going to hire you on the spot. Not only will you be competing with dozens of other qualified applicants, but you might not have sufficient work experience. This can hinder your chances but there are many ways to successfully get the job you want right after graduating college.

Become an Intern

You might have difficulty getting a job right out of college if you don’t have any work experience. If you didn’t intern during college, you should try getting one after graduating. This gives you valuable work experience and something to put on your resume. Many employers don’t hire college graduates because they don’t know how they perform in a professional atmosphere. You can tackle this problem by getting experience in the field you hope to be working in. Even if it is an unpaid internship, the work experience will help you get a permanent, full time and paid job in the future.

Leverage Social Media

Part of getting a job in this advanced technological age is adapting to the new technology. It’s no surprise that employers are using social media networks to find qualified applicants, as well as doing their own research on people who have applied for positions at their company. Use different social media networks to get the word out about your recent degree and the type of experience you have. You should start with a detailed and professional LinkedIn profile as this is often the first place employers go to find applicants. Fill out your profile in full and double-check your work to be sure it is accurate and doesn’t contain spelling or grammatical errors; employers pay attention to details. Next, pay attention to your Twitter and Facebook profiles if they’re listed under your full name. Don’t post anything public you don’t want a prospective employer to see.

Start a Blog

You can also start a blog that showcases your experience and professionalism. While this is ideal for students trying to get a job in publishing, writing, editing, or journalism, it is a great idea for every college graduate. Your blog should combine personal and professional anecdotes, including listing your educational experience, talking about your career path, and showcasing your different talents. If you’re a graphic or interior designer who just graduated college, start establishing a presence online by showing pictures of your recent design work.


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