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Using LinkedIN in for Networking

Those who are seeking to add more diversity to their employment and professional opportunities may want to consider the true value of making use of the Linked-In website. As the site has grown in popularity since its original launch, there are now thousands and millions of professional individuals which use Linked In on a regular basis in order to network with other individuals, both inside and outside of their current industry. People who want to broaden their reach within their professional network or extend their services to other professionals within the industry can use the website to ensure that they are gaining optimal efficiency.

The key to using Linked In is truly knowing how to network effectively. People should seek to network with other individuals that their friends or colleagues may already know. The goal is to get these individuals to provide introductions so that you can eventually network and focus on possible collaborations. However, the most commonly used mistake on Linked In is that people blindly send friend request to strangers and other professionals without ever sending an introductory email or other form of interaction. If this is done too much or too many requests are marked as being sent from a stranger, it can result in the user’s account being marked as spam.

One way to ensure that networking is done properly is to join groups on Linked In instead of seeking to add people directly. By joining a group that is directly related to your industry of employment or focuses directly on your own company, it ensures that you can comfortably interact with other people within your related field of work. This way, you can have discussions and interact with each other in a way that allows you to get to know everyone on a more professional level instead of sending them a blind friend request.

Generally speaking, if people choose to focus more directly on the use of Linked In, it can make networking more efficient than using the traditional methods. The use of these types of professional networking websites allows for people to network and communicate with a large group of people within a matter of moments instead of having to devote hours of effort to it at events and other related company projects. The site automatically announces to followers and those present on friends lists when someone has left or joined a company, making it very simple to keep up with the constant changes that are fairly common within a busy industry or business practice.


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