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Employment as a Scopist

A scope this is a legal transcriptionist to takes the work of a court reporter and transcribes the shorthand into a legal document. A scope this will generally go through up to two years of training as a scope as with intense study and not only shorthand but also in legal, paralegal and in certain software training. As a therapist you are working as an independent contractor with only a small amount of scope is working for law offices. Here are some employment opportunities if you are considering becoming a scopist.

Independent Scopist

An Independent Scopist is a trained professional Scopist who works independently by taking on clients in court reporting. An Independent Scopist will work with a client who is a court reporter by providing translation of their shorthand into legal documents. If you choose to become an independent Scopist, you were weekly schedule may consist of meeting with your clients, picking up their core reports and translating those core reports to deliver to them at a specific deadline. Many independent Scopist work on a cycle where they will pick up the week's work while dropping off the other weeks work. An independent Scopist can expect to make anywhere from $20 an hour up depending on their speed, software being used in the type of work they are handling for the court reporter.

Contracted Scopist

A contracted Scopist is similar to an independent Scopist in that they work for particular clients. However a contracted Scopist generally works for one particular client or as many as three clients. The contracted Scopist is contracted directly with these clients for ongoing work for a specified amount of time. If there is no work the contract generally calls for the Scopist to be paid for their time as a retainer fee. A contracted Scopist can expect to make anywhere from $20 an hour depending on their speed up to $50 an hour. A contracted Scopist has the ability to have ongoing work that is stable for anywhere from three months to a year depending on their contract.

Law Office Scopist

A law office Scopist is hired by a law office as a part-time to full-time position. A law office Scopist will provide their scoping abilities for the law office paralegal staff or court reporting staff. They may find that they are maintaining shorthand translation for not only paralegals but also for the lawyers and court reporters. They may also find their shorthand comes in handy and will be used in office meetings and cases settled out of court. In these cases an individual would need to know not only how the legal system works but may also need to have a pure legal degree in addition to the Scopist degree. A law office Scopist is generally employed by the law office rather than being hired as a contractor. This may reduce the cost they make per hour but will secure them a job with the law office. A law office Scopist may also find that they can work from home as well as in the office depending on the caseload and depending on how much work needs to be done with in the office setting.


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