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4 Ways to Ensure Freelancers Remain Working

Hiring freelance workers can be beneficial to your business as they will be hard working and dependable, but it can also be hard to know your freelancers are working for you at a steady rate. This is especially true if your freelance employees are on an hourly rate where they need to keep working every hour as scheduled to keep up their productivity. The following tips will help motivate and encourage freelancers to continue working and have a good business relationship with them.

1. Write up a Contract

First things first – the contract. You and your freelance worker should have the project details, deadlines, pay, and what is expected of them in writing. Write up a contact that you both agree upon. So if you’re paying them for 4 hours of work each day, write that in there and be sure they keep up with their end of the deal. This also means you need to keep good with your part of the contract, such as paying a certain amount on a certain day. If they meet their deadline, you should be meeting yours as well. Having an official agreement on the terms of the project keep freelancers motivated much more than hearsay.

2. Agree to the Deadlines

Set and agree to deadlines that aren’t too far away. Instead of setting deadlines for a week away, try setting deadlines daily or every few days. This keeps you updated on what their workflow is and the freelancer understands what is expected in shorter amounts of time. When you agree to the deadlines, make it clear they are strict deadlines and the freelancer is bound to remain working for you and keep being productive.

3. Get Updated

Keep communicating with your freelance workers on a regular basis and get updates daily if you can. If you haven’t heard from them in a while, send a polite email asking for an update on their work. Don’t be rude or pushy, but just ask to get an update on what they’re currently working on. Remember they might have more than one client, so give them reasonable time to complete your project. However these brief check-ins can keep your freelancer working effectively.

4. Offer Incentives

Another idea to keep your freelancer working for you for multiple projects and completing their work in a timely manner is to offer incentives. For example, if they continue turning in work well ahead of the deadline and the work is excellent, offer them a small bonus for the quick work. Or if you set a deadline for 7 days away, you can inform them if they complete it in X amount of days, they will receive a bonus or other incentive.


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