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Importance of Researching Before Job Interviews

If you have been reading through advice for having successfully job interviews, you’re probably wondering why researching the company is always suggested. This is actually a very important step that is looked over by too many job seekers. If you want to make a good impression and show how interested you are in the position you’re applying for, you need to do your research.

Why You Should Research

So why is researching the company so important? It shows how interested you are in what they are about, their history and ways you can advance your career in this position. By not researching, you are showing that you don’t care much about the job or the company, just that you blindly applied for the position without knowing more about it. Hiring managers will assume because you are dispassionate you won’t be a lasting employee.

What Type of Research to Conduct

There are several different things to be looking up when you begin researching a job or company. Check out their website and learn their company’s history. You should be aware of how they got started and how their company has grown since they were first created. You also need to be fully aware of the products or services they provide and who their directors and other notable employees are. Learn about their different networks and events they attend and see if you can get information about the job for which you are applying.

Where to Go For Research

Always start by looking for the company’s website. This will probably give you the bulk of the information you will need. Look at their company history and about pages, as well as other pertinent information listed, like their employees, positions available, products they sell or what services they provide. Learn everything you can. Next, do a Google search to see if they were mentioned anywhere else that can possibly give you a little more insight.

How to Use Research in the Interview

The research you have done is going to be valuable during a phone screening and a face-to-face interview. During the interview, you will get at least one chance to bring up the research you have done. Perhaps they will ask you if you have any questions, and you can ask something pertaining to what you learned. If they ask if you know anything about their company, provide a brief summary based on the research you have done.

What Not to Do

Don’t bring up the information you have learned in a negative or judgmental way. If you noticed the company made a choice you don’t agree with, never confront them about their mistake. Later on, you may get the opportunity to explain how you would have done it differently, but you should never bring it up in any sort of negative manner during the interview.


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